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4 year old basset hound with renal failure

November 18th, 2010, 05:54 PM
I have a 4 year old basset hound that was diagnosed with renal failure and Sphingomonas Paucimobilis. She is drinking and peeing a lot but she hasnt eaten without being force fed in over a week and she has been vomiting.

The vet said that the Sphingomonas Paucimobilis was probably caused by some other illness but the vet has been unable to figure out what that might be. The vet wants to surgically put a feeding tube into her stomach but this sounds too intrusive and doesnt sound like it will fix the root problem.

In the last couple of days she has been having trouble walking. She has trouble keeping balanced with every step and sometimes falls over. Its really painful to see her like this.

She was bit by a tick a few months ago which could mean she has Lyme disease but I am not in the medical field so I really dont know.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

November 18th, 2010, 08:50 PM
If there is even a chance that she has a tick-borne disease, I'd talk to the vet about starting her on doxycycline. TBD can cause organ failure, including renal failure; inappetance; and neurological symptoms. Tests for TBDs are often not reliable, so even if she tests negative, doxy might be a something you'd want to try.

I hope your dog improves soon, darthmowzy! :grouphug: