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Crate Training

Diesel & Sadie
November 12th, 2010, 09:41 PM
We are the proud parents to 8 week old boxer puppies, they are brother and sister :)

I have been reading a lot about crate training but wanted to get some individual advice on my situation.

We just brought them home this evening. We have 2 crates and each will have their own. Right now both are set up in our livingroom and the puppies have been in several times. They fell asleep on the floor and I picked them up and snuggled them in their crates. They slept for a little bit. I left the doors open though so not sure if that is good or not. As I type they are both in her crate for treats. Anyway they only slept for a bit and when they woke up I took them right outside...I took them separte but both peed immediately. I also removed their food and water (just now) because I plan to go to sleep in a few hours.

So my questions are. When they are napping like that do I need to latch the doors? What else should I be doing to ensure they/we are successful?

ETA: Last night was ROUGH! Diesel is the loud one! He barked what felt like all night long. I think it was bark for 30-45 mins quiet for 10 all night. I set my alram for 2:30, 5:30 and then got up at 7:30. Each time I waited for them to be asleep and would scoop them up and so straight outside. I said "pee pee" and if they did praise and right back to the crate without another word.

I wonder what I should have done about the 2. When I would take Diesel Sadie would cry out so when Diesel came back should I have waited for her to settle? I didn't I figured I woke them up for 1 to pee they were only barking because I took one and not the other. What would have been the right thing here?

At this moment they are both snuggled in 1 crate. Do I seperate them? Should they be locked in now? When they wake up do I just let them out or leave them in and wait until they settle again and then let them out? Do they needed lock in crate time during the day even when we are home?

I really, really want to give this my all!

November 13th, 2010, 10:09 PM
Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job to me :thumbs up. You will need to have the crates closed at points during the day especially as they mature and need some "time out" periods. Consider feeding them in the crates with their doors closed and be sure to use lots of yummy filled kongs etc to help occupy and settle them and condition them into loving the crate.

This link has some useful advice for crating

Litter mates are tough so you can utilize the crates to help manage some of those issues. Seperate crates are recommended and although you might want to start with them facing each other you should work up to having them sleep with the crates side by side (not seeing each other). You will need to work extra hard to have them bond with you instead of just each other so little sessions apart are good. Eventually registering in seperate obedience classes will be very useful.

Here is an excellent blog of a woman who raised two labrador puppy littermates that has some very good suggestions. She doesn't post anymore but reading back should give some good advice.

Another great source is especially the advice from Ian Dunbar who is considered a pioneer in puppy development training.

Diesel & Sadie
November 14th, 2010, 11:10 AM
Thanks so much.

They sleep beside each other now in serarate crates but can see each other since they are in small wire crates. Right now both are asleep in their crates with doors locked. I find it helps because if I leave the room and one comes out I won't be able to see them so with the doors locked I can get them before they get to my floors ;)

I take them pee seperate as well and plan to have hubby walk one and when he gets back I can walk the other. Maybe while the one is walking we will do some training at home so they can do that separate as well.

I will have a look at the links now. I find that sometimes they are usually pretty general so I have a lot more questions after reading.

I am going to have to leave them today and I am sad about that. My grandma is in the hospital and I need to go pick her up. We live in the country so town is about 40mins 1 way. So factoring in the drive, the pick up and a quick run to the bed store I imagine they will be stuck in their crates for a good 3 hours, maybe more. The only other thing I could do is throw a crate in the back of my SUV and take them with me.

I tried very hard to wear them before I left but I lost. They are fast asleep and I am still waiting for the call to pick up my grandma.

Thanks Again for the help!