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from where it is sunny everyday

November 11th, 2010, 12:09 PM
hello y'all!

im happy and im happy with my two baby boys- stan and puti.

stan is my bouncy and furry 2 month old little piece of sunshine while puti had been my writing companion for four years now.

happy to find this goldmine of people who help each other out in figuring the issues with their pets and on how to deal with them and of course to share the fun and happiness these furry ones give us..

so much rambling for me....

all the best,

November 11th, 2010, 12:23 PM
Welcome to, iamhappy :). Your post certainly put a smile on my face today.

We'd love to see some photos of Stan and Puti when you get a chance :goodvibes:.

November 11th, 2010, 12:53 PM
welcome to the forum, what types of pets are stan and puti? dogs, cats , one of each? *L* or another type?

November 11th, 2010, 02:56 PM
thanks. my boys never fail to pull the corners of my mouth into a smile either.
haven't photographed stan yet. but puti has got lots of photos along with "cat issues" too. i'll see if i can do uploads this day.

thanks for the warm welcome!

stan is a dear dog and puti is a peacekeeping cat. stan is 2months old and puti is four years old.

thanks for the welcome.

November 11th, 2010, 05:47 PM
Welcome to the forum iamhappy!! I'm looking forward to seeing your furbabies! :D

November 12th, 2010, 10:37 AM
Welcome to the board! Now where are those pics? :o :laughing:

November 12th, 2010, 12:05 PM
haven't photographed stan yet. im about to upload puti's photos. most of them would be of him sleeping. (he sleeps in a funny position, like he is doing kung fu:laughing:)