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Frightened Pomeranian lost in Port Moody/Burnaby area of BC

November 10th, 2010, 07:01 PM
Small-Medium sized dog, long hair, dark and light reddish brown in color,

Wearing a collar with a bone-shaped tag with 3 phone numbers 

She was recently rescued from a puppy mill and is TERRIFIED OF PEOPLE

She may hide in a corner, bush, hole, etc. If you live around Stony Creek, please check your yard and surrounding areas for small spaces in bushes, under decks, in corners, anywhere she might hide. If you find her be cautious when approaching her. She is likely to bite if cornered. Use caution.

Try to determine where she is hiding and call for help. call Sharon at 604-469-1182 or 604-961-1670. or Coquitlam Animal Shelter they can send people with equipment to help retrieve her. 604-927-7386.

Even a sheet or blanket thrown on her gently would help to grab her, but be careful not to frighten her more or chase her with a blanket.

She went missing in Port Moody, Glenayre area at around 981 Dundonald Dr Sunday, Nov 7 at 11pm

She was spotted on Monday crossing Gilroy street between Chapman and North Road in Burnaby.

She was spotted again at 5:30 am on Tuesday Nov 9 going down Gaglardi towards Broadway, then went down Broadway towards North Road.

May have crossed Como Lake/Broadway between North Road and Gaglardi

If you see her or have any information about where she might be, call Sharon at 604-469-1182 or 604-961-1670 (c) 

For a picture, see this facebook page (!/photo.php?fbid=1717068565984&set=o.229657770010)