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My dog ate a multivitamin ... is it ok?

November 8th, 2010, 08:51 PM
I dropped a multivitamin on the floor and my 8 pound dog ate it before I could get to it. I am supposed to take three a day. He seems to be fine, but I am worried. I don't want to overreact and take him to an emergency vet when he is running around and playing, but I don't want to be negligent. There is 6 mg of iron in one pill. Should I head to the vet?

November 8th, 2010, 09:04 PM
I don't think a single multi-vitamin will hurt him and 6 mg of iron is not a toxic amount. If you're unsure, it's best to call your vet clinic, they'll let you know if he should be seen.

November 8th, 2010, 09:07 PM
Thanks for your advice!