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November 1st, 2010, 08:22 AM
Some people I know have mice in there house so they got 2 barn cats to get rid of them. They know nothing about cats and they have a dog (who pretty much stays outside all of the time and is not used to cats either). They didn't even buy a litter box, they just figure they will let it out when it needs to go to the washroom! Whenever the dog goes inside they send the cats outside, so they are going to be outside a lot of the time. I have sent them links about making a shelter for the cats to keep them warm.

This is so frustrating, I just don't understand how people can get a pet and not really care about taking care of it properly.

I just think of my cats who I try to give everything possible to them and who are like children to me. It is not fair that these poor cats have to go through this. They would have been better left at the barn they were at where at least they could probably find warmer and safer areas to hide. I am sure these cats will not be getting good nutrition or the attention that the need and its just really sad.