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probably a stray cat

October 25th, 2010, 04:27 PM
i have seen this cat,most of the summer,he/she is gorgeous,but because of the way rocky reacted,i had to shoo him away from our backyard.
he got in to fates owners garage and the wife fed him,then called hs to see if someone is missing him,but noone was..
anyway,today i saw him/her while we were walking bailey,he was sitting at a house.
i went up to him and he was meowing
desperatly,i only had dog liver-treats in my pocket so i gave him some,he was obviously starving,but so very friendly.

after dropping bailey off,i went back to where the cat had been earlier,with some food and a camera,but he was not there:(
i have knocked on some doors to see if the cat was theirs,but so far no luck.
he is very friendly,his chest and face mostly white,his back has dark tabby-stripes and he's longhaired.
his big fluffy tail,had leaves and stuff in it,so i don't think anyone cares about him:(
from now on while walking bailey,i'll have cat-food in my pocket and hopefully he'll stick around here and i'll help him.
i would love to take him in to my house,but in worse case scenario i'll drop him at our hs,at least he would not have to spend the winter outside.
i still have a few doors to knock on and i :pray::pray:he has an owner:pray:

October 25th, 2010, 06:46 PM
:grouphug: Thank you chico for being you. :grouphug:

the gang
October 25th, 2010, 06:56 PM
thank god for you! :thumbs up, brenda and the pins

October 25th, 2010, 10:37 PM
aw Chico.... that kitty knew just who to meow at! Hope you can find him/her next time you're out! :fingerscr:goodvibes:

October 25th, 2010, 10:56 PM
i still have a few doors to knock on and i :pray::pray:he has an owner:pray:

From the sounds of it, he would be better off with a new owner. :thumbs up

Good luck Chico and thanks for being such a caring person. :angel: :grouphug: :fingerscr :goodvibes:

October 26th, 2010, 06:44 AM
Awwww, chico :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:. It must be so heartbreaking for you.

My coworker who walks through the university student housing area keeps a couple of cans of FF (stinky fishy flavours so the kitties can really smell it and don't run too far off), and a plastic spoon to feed the kitties that get abandoned by the students when they go home in April. Very sad :(. The kitties don't care if they have to eat off the ground.

Don't know if you remember Malcolm and Matilda, but they are from a momma cat that was abandoned by some university students.

October 26th, 2010, 04:30 PM
i did not see the kitty today on our walk,but decided to knock on the door at the house where he was yesterday.
i asked if she,knew who owned this beauty and i described him,it was her cat,.
i told her my neighbor fed him in her garage one night and that i'd seen him around a lot in the summer and was ready to catch him.
the boy is declawed:yell:they got him last summer,already de-clawed.
she is actually a very nice lady,i talked to her before,she also has a white cat and a huge golden-doodle.
i did ask her to try to keep this cat in the house,especially since he is declawed and very,very friendly,anyone could take him or worse yet hurt him.
so,i was happy he was not a stray,but i hope i don't see him outside anymore.

October 26th, 2010, 04:32 PM
Great news and what a relief!!!!:thumbs up

October 26th, 2010, 11:19 PM
Glad to hear you found the owner and I really hope that she takes your advice. :fingerscr