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Respecting Admin and Mod Decisions

October 24th, 2010, 08:39 AM
Hi members,

I’ve been the Admin round here for almost 10 years now... gosh time flies.
Most members seem to think I’m a fair Admin. Most members also tell me that The Mods who volunteer here for free are also doing a great job. For the sake of our community running smoother someone has to make a final call on disputes or issues on our bulletin board. That final person is me though I discuss all major issues with Dave ( the other silent Admin) and the Mods.

Sometimes certain members won’t agree with our decisions. In these cases feel free to PM me and we can discuss by PM but please respect our final call. Most members do, thank you. :goodvibes: But for those who do not, when you challenge our decisions publicly you disrupt the board for personal reasons and this is unacceptable. You should be able to not post and restrain yourself if an Admin or Mod makes this request. Please trust that we are making the best decisions we can for the board. The last thing we want to do is discipline veteran or new members that don’t follow the rules but we will if we have to. As always any member can choose to put another member on the ignore list if they find reading those posts too frustrating. Additionally members are always invited to Pm me for any reason.

Thanks in advance,
Marko - Admin

(This was also posted as an announcement)