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Our dog Nika in Helsinki with EPI (pancreas disfunction)

October 19th, 2010, 04:51 AM
Hi there folks. My name is Christian and im from Helsinki, Finland hi.
We have now had our little doggy Nika for just over a year. We wanted to give an unfortunate dog a good home, and we took her from Russia.

Now to make a long story short. we have been to the doctor off and on. And its been varified that Nika's pancreas has shruken, and that is does not work.

We give her a special power enzyme with every meal.

Now about every 2 or 3 months, she comes down with a very bad diareha, and fever. We actually have been given a bigger dose of antibiotics as this has seemed to work in the past.

What we, and the doctors are a little clueless about is what triggers this. And why the fever. It seems to happen every now and then. Dog is very sort of withdrawn, pants, and has fever, including very bad diareha.

We try to keep her diet healthy. Mostly boiled chicken, rice and special Hills ID dry food.

From what i have understood, that dogs with this condition are all unique and it seems to be trial and error to see what works with a dog.
One thing we have noticed is that dried pigs ears (are something she loves as treats) but i think are not at all good for her, so that is something we will iliminate completely.

I think its the fever that most concerns me and my wife and its becoming very very expensive for us going to the clinic with her so frequently.

If any one is kind enough to share tips or what has worked for you, please do so. I appreciate your help a alot. Thank you.


October 19th, 2010, 01:31 PM
Welcome to, Christian :highfive: and thank you for rescuing Nika. :thumbs up

I have never had a dog with EPI but have read how frustrating it can be to manage. I would not keep her on the Hills food but if you want to feed kibble then switch to one of the grain-free brands. If you can get Orijen ( over there it is the best grain free brand imo.

This is the link for the international distributors ...


Sln Import Group Oy

Tel: +358 50 362 67 38



This is the link for the international online suppliers ...

Also, there is excellent information about EPI on the dogaware website ....

Good luck to you and Nika and hope you keep us updated .....we would love to see pics of your girl if you have some to share. :goodvibes: