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September 14th, 2004, 06:44 AM
Are my kids the only ones learning who to write? Why is it that kids (or young adults) feel the need to use the same shortened English that they use to pass their notes in class on a forum? Is it just because I am old?

September 14th, 2004, 06:58 AM
LR, we just got a birthday card from my son in Alberta(38yrs old)I was shocked at his hand-writing,he writes like a first-grader :eek:
I of course am from the letter-writing generation,when your hand-writing was important....but boy,have things changed...many people just don't know how to write anymore.

September 14th, 2004, 08:46 AM
I am not sure what you mean....
I can't stand the internet lingo (if that's what you mean) Like... they are using so many abbreviations that it doesn't even look like a normal sentence?

September 14th, 2004, 09:27 AM
Lavender, are you sure your kids are using proper English when they post on forums? I think it is mostly just Internet "lingo" and we shouldn't despair as they are probably still learning the basics at school!!! But don't forget that kids have to learn so much more than the basics these days, and some of the "basics" like spelling are becoming less and less necessary -- although since this forum doesn't have a spellcheck (that I know of) those spelling skills actually do seem kind of necessary after all!!! Hmmm, contradicting myself here... Also, I've always felt that we should be far less critical of Internet writing (e-mail, etc.) than we would be of any other kind of writing, including personal "snail mail" letters. People write online the way they think or talk, and don't feel the need (nor should they -- the internet takes up enough time as it is!) to edit carefully... Actually, check your original post, as I believe there is a typo of your own (and since I'm too lazy to check this post over, I probably have a typo or two too!!!) ;)

September 14th, 2004, 09:48 AM
I think I understand your point, LavR. Some of us actually type in "English" on these posts, even if we're not using letter-writing etiquette. But I read some posts from the "younger" crowd, and I just cringe! Typos are one thing - we all make mistakes. Internet short-hand is fine for the internet, but it is making its way into mainstream society. What are these kids going to do when they reach the job market?? I'd hate to see business correspondence going out with statements like, "u r right - I prolly s/have called". :eek:

September 14th, 2004, 12:54 PM
After hours on computers using shorter termed words and such it's hard to go right back to writing proper english.

Actually at one point I did actually know complete true 'shorthand' (and still do) but while learning and practicing it for hours a day...I used to use this in my essays sometimes.

My prof's would scratch their heads and circle these unusual looking words with scrolls and nothing that looks like an english letter or word LOL

It was funny but you know, your brain only figures it's doing what you want it to!

Aside from that schoolastically, kids these days are very illiterate I find.
I taught and counselled 16 and 17 year olds who could at this point in their life barely read and write at a grade 2 level yet the board of ed kept pushing them on to further grades.

When unable to cope in the more demanding high school atmosphere and through no fault of their own, they don't succeed and result many times to dropping out, skipping classes and turning to criminal behaviour.

The school boards just don't care!

September 14th, 2004, 01:32 PM
Wow, Luba, that is awful!!

I don't know about other places but here the parents can do jail time and get fined if their children are skipping school!

I am amazed at what my 8 year old is doing in school, even in 2nd grade (he's in 3rd now) he was writing in cursive! I couldn't believe that, AND he did it so well too! I don't remember doing that until at least 5th grade... my how times have changed!

September 14th, 2004, 01:57 PM
Things like:


That type of thing is what I am talking about. Not typos although, I do try to be careful, every body makes mistakes.

It is stuff like using the number 4 and meaning the word "for". And skipping punctuation entirely. I guess it is hard to know where to put your puncuation if you are using numbers instead of words though.

I LOL. I have even been known to ROTFLMAO. But I get a headache trying to decipher some of these posts on occasion.

September 14th, 2004, 02:06 PM
I hear ya, LavR! What the heck does "ROTFLMAO" mean (I think I know what LMAO is, but what's the first part??)?? :confused: Oh, and about spell check - if there's a word I'm not sure about, I throw it into a Word document and use their spell-check! ;)

Luba, I remember shorthand!! I never learned how to do it, but my sister took it in high-school. I remember those pads with the lines down the middle, and reading her text book was like trying to decipher Hieroglyphics (spell-check, here I come :) )!!

Yes, children these days are being pushed through school even if they're not ready to advance. I see my 14-year-old nephew struggle. He's an average teen, but the curriculum these days leaves a lot to be desired, I believe, and the kids are paying for it dearly. :( It's almost like there is so much MORE to learn these days than when we were going through school, and there are so many more kids to teach it all to! The teachers just can't keep up! So it's either his single mom (one income, no child support :mad: ) pays for extra tutoring, or he has to just suffer through it.

September 14th, 2004, 02:13 PM
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A Off.

September 14th, 2004, 02:15 PM
ROTF means rolling on the floor and then it's added to LMAO so then the whole thing means... Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

September 14th, 2004, 02:15 PM
Ohhhh! D'uh, me! Thanks! :D

September 14th, 2004, 02:15 PM
Crap LR! You beat me to it!

September 14th, 2004, 05:21 PM
this is the greatest thing about language, it evolves so well and beautifully

in each generation there is a slight evolution of the english language, for example words and expletives that were considered highly offensive 30 yrs ago are acceptable language used in everyday conversation, a person like me using the rough language and expressions i often do would have once been considered foul, a sailor, a tart etc, these days no one except my mother notices :D and i feel i have a certain equality in my vocab, i can talk like any man and not have to suffer for it, oh yay for me. :D

i am one of these ppl who grew up saying cool, everything is cool, i see a nice dress it is ohhhh soooo cool, dinner is good it is cool, you crash your car into mine and i say oh crap, no dont worry too much it will be cool but things can be very uncool too, say i get robbed it is considered very uncool.. and we also say man alot, we call our kids man, 'did you get an award at school man' ' hey man did you enjoy sport today', we have always called my nephew man, that sort of thing.
what i have noticed is this-
my nephew who is 10yr has taken on our words as every day language, in his world cool is just as good an expression as excellent. he uses the word cool on everything it is very natural for him and it is obviously unconcious use of the word, i say'how was school' he replies' yeah cool i suppose' how was sport 'cool' and if for instance his awful aunty mel wants him to pick his things up and i have to hassle him a bit you hear him say under his breath 'man shes mean' or 'oh man why do i have to'.

the shortening of words or acronyms formed from many words are also resultant of todays society, we text message, email, chat and the list goes on, with so many different aspects to communication and the need for actually doing the typing (text messages take ages) has resulted in a need for more effecient use of language. as far as typos go, well i am an extremely fast typer and often the brain gets ahead of the hands and all goes haywire, as long as one can get the gist of what im saying i dont really care.

i am also a letter writer, but i have the most horrid hand writing, not from the education industry or my lack of education, but naturally i am also left handed and think this adds to the problem, it is terrible and worse than a 5 year olds, my sister wont even let me write in card or even on her shopping list, she thinks it is that horrific. i would never blame the industry for my natural failings.

could you just imagine me sitting in the pub smoking with a friend saying (im wearing neck to knees dress in this one, to go with the vocab, no flesh shown here)
'gosh and golly me, one must retire to the bathing rooms for refreshment, then i may get myself a beverage from the handsome publican, and thee also feel quite partial to a slice of crisp baked tubers too, oh hurrah for ones delectible taste buds' hurrah to the shop keep :D :D :D doesnt sound quite right does it, perhaps if i was 80yrs old you know it might go.

b4 i finish i need 2 c u evolve, ur goin2 i just no it, c u r a nice person, but haf of wat u say is making me RALFMAO :D :D :D