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2 constantly Sneezing Dogs.... need advice!!

September 19th, 2010, 09:48 AM
Hello everyone !!!
I have two beautiful boyz one a spring/lab and one is a husky/sheppard and for the last three to four days they have continually sneeze at random times through out the day......especially first thing in the morning when they get up !!! the springer/lab (jixer) sounds like he has that congested breathing that you would hear in an adult or child who may have a cold .....otherwise they don't have green mucus and they don't have a cough.....I am finding this morning though that Jixer seems to take his own breath away when he sneezes.......can I give them anything over the counter that is very safe to help them feel better?? Jixer is already on anti-histamines for a possible food allergy/ grass allergy.....but i have also noticed that his ears are hot and his face feels warm where as Dexter doesn't have any symptoms other then sneezing......NOw Ive checked Jixers ears and they are clean no redness at all and have no discharge of any kind ....does this mean he has a fever??? I'd greatly appreciate any help on this one ......thanks so much !!! .....:fingerscr