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I'm tired!

September 12th, 2004, 08:28 PM
Man its been a hard transition going back to work...I'm sooo exhausted!!! All the BS going on with our wonderful prov. gov't is extra draining and I can hardly keep my eyes open anymore. The kids are wild, uncertain where they are going, classes changing, teachers coming and's insane.

That is why I haven't been on much - well, I come on, surf for a bit, then get tired of reading the same things, so I leave. I apologize to those who I have come to love, but....I will be back to normal soon!! LOL

Anyways, just needed to vent!!! :cool:

September 12th, 2004, 08:40 PM
You normal? Since when have YOU ever been normal CAttwoman???

Get real you are happy to be at work so you can order around those little snotty faces LMHO!! :p

September 12th, 2004, 09:35 PM
Catt I sympathize(Sp?)....ordering little brats around???Today??I don't think so,they'll more than likely tell the teacher to "fudge off" :D
But becoming a teacher is a calling,right???
You have my admiration,come back and see us soon again.... :p

September 12th, 2004, 09:36 PM
Haha teachers!!

My stepfather is a VP and my aunt is a teacher. I have lived with the complaints all my life!! tee hee! Catt, you're wicked though! You probably run around as much as those little buggers.

Gues you guys should work straight through the summer so that you don't get too relaxed and then tired after your first week back! ;) :p Only 300 days to go....

September 13th, 2004, 07:58 AM
You're right Luba.....normal is a cycle on the washing machine!!! LMAO

Chico.... yup, kids today have no respect, and they KNOW they can get away with pretty much anything. Its disgusting really!!! But you're right too, it is a calling, and on most days, I do love my job...just not the last two weeks!!!

I would love to work at a year round school, I think all schools should be. Two months is hard,not just on us, but on the kids too. They get stupid over the summer and forget everything they've learned. I think everyone would be refreshed and ready to learn with 2 week breaks every few months. Start beginning of August, break in Oct, Dec, Feb, April, off at the end of June...sounds good to me!!! LOL

I miss you guys!!! You're all wicked too!!! :D I won't stray away too far....I always come back!!! You can't get rid of me THAT easily!!! LOL

September 13th, 2004, 08:36 AM
I would love to work at a year round school, I think all schools should be.
I agree, Catt! Especially for high-school. I don't think we're doing them any favours giving them such a long break. Not exactly preparing them for the "real world", are we?! Then again, I always loved school and wished it were year-round. I'm sure most teenagers out there would have me lynched for suggesting it!! :eek:

September 13th, 2004, 05:12 PM
what, dont your kids get a break ever month or two?? here in aus we have what we call terms, terms 1-4. each goes for 2 months and then the kids get a 2week break at the end of each term. the break at christmas is 5-6 weeks.
gosh that is a little hard for kids, not having holidays every few months. it works well here and has been the system for what seems forever, it is the same for primary school and high school. and once you get to university well hello :D , the holidays get a lot longer and ther terms alot shorter, just brilliant.
your system would suit alot of single parents i know, it is hell for them having to arrange care for kids every time the holidays come around, and the stress the parents suffer, maybe your system would be more effective from that perspective.

well catt, you just make sure you have lots of really yummy snacks and treats for your morning tea and lunch, treat yourself it will feel nice and a bit refreshing. good luck brave lady :D

September 13th, 2004, 05:19 PM
Thanks guys!! I sound like a big baby!!! LOL

Mel, most schools in Canada start end of Aug. or beg. of Sept. We don't get a real break until Christmas - usually 10-12 days. We have a couple long weekends in there, but that is all. Then we go back beg. of Jan. and don't get a break until March or April (Catholic boards don't get "spring" break, we get "easter" break, so whenever Easter falls we get a break). Then no break until the end of June when we are off for 8 weeks. It totally sucks, but there are quite a few "year round" schools popping up around, I hope it becomes more popular in the near future. That is elementary schools. HIgh schools have semesters (2) from Sept. - Jan, then Feb. - June. They still get Christmas and Easter breaks but thats it too. ****ty eh???

Ohhh, I have my stash of chocolate and tylenol...don't you worry!!!! LMAO ;) I wish I could stash a flask of booze though too!! Would make my day go by sooo much nicer!!! :o

September 13th, 2004, 05:59 PM
What's going on with Alberta schools these days, Catt? I'm well aware of the situation in Ontario (and was a student teacher during the worst of it)... I can imagine that Alberta would be as bad, possibly even worse!!! Also, what grade are you teaching??

September 14th, 2004, 08:23 AM
We've been negotiating our contracts for well over 5 years now. The gov't digs their heels in, won't listen to our requests, the media make it sound like all we want is money, and our school boards aren't giving us the things we need to run a proper school (assistant time, budgets for resources, etc.) Its a sad state of affairs, and with the civic election coming up, it may be an even longer battle if Klein gets elected back in. GRRRRRRRRRR!!! Alberta is debt free and Klein is sending out a 1/4 million $ survey to find out HOW Albertans want to spend that extra money....hmmmm, GO FIGURE IDIOT!!! Education and Health care maybe???? Oooooohhhhhhhhhh he makes me sooooo mad!!! The education issues are across Canada, I know BC, AB, ON, PQ and the maritimes are also having struggles with their gov'ts on different things....its stupid...its the future of our country and the gov't doesn't give a rats ass. :mad:

(steps off her soapbox)
sigh!!! :(

September 14th, 2004, 08:52 AM
Catt, I KNOW!!!! It's so hard to love your job the way you should and the way you would in a better situation, when you have to KEEP DEALING WITH CRAP!!! Politics is the worst of the job. It's so easy for the public to get a skewed view of it all too. The spin that Harris put on the changes to Education were absolutely sickening... that man is part of the reason I came to Korea (it was supposed to be just a break for a year :o ) and from what I know of Klein, he isn't much different. Man, is he STILL running Alberta? :eek: Craziness!!!

*clears throat and smiles sweetly*
But you didn't mention which grade? :)

September 14th, 2004, 09:41 AM
Yeah, the public school teachers here are either on - or are contemplating - a work to rule (didn't quite hear this morning's news report). We had a full-out strike a couple years ago. I couldn't believe how much the parents were complaining! Funny how professional atheletes (where the rookies earn hundreds of thousands of dollars) can go on strike for more money and no one bats an eyelash. But teachers, who are earning peanuts compared to the general population, and who are responsible for our children's physical and emotional well-being as well as their education, try to ask for more money and they get sneered at like they're being greedy! Just burns my biscuits! :mad:

September 14th, 2004, 04:53 PM
Yes, the man who has Gr. 9 education is STILL running our province!! What joy that brings me!! :rolleyes: I didn't realize Ontario was at a work to rule just keeps getting better and better eh?? And I totally agree with ya about the athletes...what a crock of ****e!!! We AREN'T even asking for more money....its working conditions here, smaller class sizes, assistants for all the messed up kids, etc. :eek:

PS. I teach Gr. 3 Moondarlin' ;) (I was fuming after my last post, and I forgot...LOL..sorry!!) :D

September 14th, 2004, 06:22 PM
Oh, grade 3!!! After your last post I was thinking --"Hmm, I guess I don't wish I could teach in public school in Canada after all," but after thinking about you in a classroom full of adorable (and sometimes terrible of course) grade 3s, I'm suddenly soooo envious!!! I know it's awfully hard, and the politics are a nightmare, but isn't teaching (minus the politics) the best job in the world????

September 15th, 2004, 08:37 AM
They are cute...most of them! Some are holy terrors!!! I DO love my job, and if I could just go to work, do my job, and hang with the kids it would be the BEST!!! Unfortunately, BS and politics are always there, but if you can forget about it during the day, then its alllll good!!!!!

I work for the Catholic School Board, which is funny because some of the things our trustees are doing aren't very "christian"....and thats all I can say about that!! :o

I've often thought about going overseas to teach....just never did it!! Always had pets and couldn't leave them behind! One regret in life I guess!!! Actually my other regret is not taking a job when I was right out of was a nanny position on a horse RANCH in AUSTRALIA....would have been heaven on earth, I think!!! I'm sure Mel will agree!! I'm still kicking myself for not going!! Dumb dumb dumb!!! :(