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Clark and his new muzzle

September 14th, 2010, 07:48 AM
Well last night we tried Clark's new muzzle out. I got him the basket type and finally found one that Houdini could not get off before I got his leash on him. Poor guy looks like Hannibal Lecter. He was not happy about it trying to get it off the whole time. I only used it for about 10 minutes then went home and gave him some treats.
I did put it on and off for the last couple days with treats involved but is there anyway to get him more used to it so he is not rolling around on Queen St. trying to get it off. I know a lot of you have to use muzzles so if you have suggestions I am open to them. I am trying to make it a good experience if that is possible.
Also any suggestions for little nicks on his snout from him trying to get it off I do not want them to irritate with the muzzle on. I will try and get a picture of him with it on :o

September 14th, 2010, 12:44 PM
Bump bump bump it up

September 14th, 2010, 01:02 PM
I wish I knew more about muzzling dogs. I can't help. :( I understand the need to muzzle some dogs. I don't agree muzzling certain dogs just because of their breed. Other than that...... :shrug: :o.

September 14th, 2010, 01:22 PM
No Clark needs it he has issues but hopefully it is not going to be forever. I am hoping to use it to help break some of his bad behaviours. I agree no dog should wear a muzzle just because of breed.

September 17th, 2010, 11:56 PM
What issues is Clark having that require the use of a muzzle. Sorry I've been absent from the board for quite some time.

Do you have any problems with him allowing you to put it on him? Does he absolutely freak with seeing the muzzle?

Does Clark react well to physical praise? Are you using primarily food/reward based training methods with him or correctional(prong/choke/martingale?)

Answering these questions will help me/us assist you further with jumping this hurdle.

Side note, do you have means of transportation? I work for a breeder/trainer in Oakville who could help you overcome any problems you're having with Clark.

September 18th, 2010, 05:32 AM
Mastifflover, this is how we helped desensitize Penny to her muzzle. Even now, when it seems like it doesn't bother her, we still play around with it so she continues to have good feelings towards wearing it.

We worked about 2-3 weeks with it, multiple times per day, before we put it on her fully for short walks and visits to the vets.

Here are some videos that you may find useful as well.

September 18th, 2010, 07:16 AM
First off thanks for the info and I will give you some background on Clark he is an American Bulldog 5 years old. I adopted Clark from a family where he bit the kid not bad but bottom line the parents knew it was there fault left alone he took a bone from him. So get rid of dog. When I got him at about 3 the pads of his feet were pink so obviously not walked often which to me means he was not socialized which has proved to be true. I am sure he was only with his family and no other dogs. So he does not know how to interact properly. I dealt with his possession aggression and that is not a problem anymore. But I live on Queen St West and it is busy. Clark is an equal opportunity hater he hates everyone and every dog in the city. I say this because when I take him to doggy overnight camp (kennel) he is fine with most of the dogs not so good with other alphas. We get there and you can feel how calm he is and can't wait to get in the place I pick him up and he is out with other dogs and having a good time. I can almost feel him tense when we get to the city.
So now to the muzzle I avoided it for a long time but have given in to it I do not want him to bite someone, he would.
I started with just putting it on and giving lots of praise and a treat after he loves his treats. He is not fearful of it or runs away he is okay but once it is on he tries to get it off every chance he gets. I have been doing short maybe 10 minutes with it then home and off with it and praise and a treat and some kisses. This is where he sneezes in my face. But he is still lunging at barking like a mad dog when we are out. I try and keep his focus on me and not what is going on. I also try and take him out when its not so busy, but after Bud who I could take anywhere with me I miss not being able to do that with Clark and I would love to get him a brother but that is not an option at this time. He has made friends with other dogs at the kennel last time he became buddies with a Mastiff which you can imagine made me so happy because that is what I want to adopt again for a brother for him. I know he has it in him to be a really great dog it is just getting there. If I have friends over I have to have them come in one at a time make a big deal over him and then he is okay but too many people and he gets stressed out I can feel his demeanor change, not having too many people over is not a problem for me it does not happen often.
One more thing when he is barking with his muzzle on it is rubbing his nose raw on the top. Right now I am using a plastic basket but if this works I will order a metal one for AB's but they are almost a 100 so I want to make sure it is a good thing for him before I spend the money on it. I have been washing this one when I get home because of bacteria which I know can be a problem with the plastic. I am open to any and all help.
Oh and one more thing I am much calmer now when we go out so I am not transferring my stress down the leash which hopefully is helping a bit too.
I do not have a car and you can imagine Clark is not the kind of dog you take on public transit, yet.