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Intelligent Puppy

September 13th, 2010, 01:56 PM
This question is a bit different to most on here as my puppy trains EXTREMELY well.

She is a Yorkshire Terrier/Papillon cross. I got her at 4 months old, a former pet store dog that no-one wanted that we got from a friend that worked their rather than have her go back to the 'breeder'. She had never been played with before and although a good natured little thing she would just sit and stare at me when i tried to play with her or give her any attention.
After a while she came out of her shell and now she is unstoppable! Very playful, friendly good natured and above all else, SMART!

She was initially crate trained but after a few weeks she could be trusted to roam the house and she hasnt had an accident ever since. I began to teach her tricks, and she literally picks them up within about 10 minutes and then it just sticks.

She turned 1 year old last week and I counted over 40 tricks and commands she has learnt now, some pretty advanced ones as well.

Is this above average behaviour for such a young dog?

Do you think she would benefit from going to some kind of puppy training thing that can stimulate her brain a bit more than playing catch the frisbee or fetch the ball (which she LOVES)

I dont know, it almost feels like I need to do more with her, what do you think?

September 13th, 2010, 04:16 PM
Why not? :thumbs up if she does good with learning new things - why not!? Its great to keep you and your dog challenged and stimulated, as well as FUN!
Look into some more advanced training, maybe? Have you tried an agility course ? You could build one yourself if space allows... Sparky loves the challenge, but right now I dont have much space to do it... there are kits sold and also a ton of do-it-yourself type of instructions online...

September 14th, 2010, 11:27 AM
Be careful with the agility stuff. Yes, it's fun, but some of the climbing and jumping isn't supposed to be started until the dog is closer to eighteen months, or more for the bigger dogs. If you start too early, you can hurt their joints by putting too much stress on them. Ask someone who knows exactly how long you should wait. On the other hand, there are things they can learn early, like tunnels.

September 14th, 2010, 01:33 PM
AGILITY IS AWESOME. Keeps you in shape as well.