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little guy just doesnt know when to stop

September 11th, 2010, 04:37 AM
so my friend giovanni is in dubai for the holiday.

i've taken his kitten Zeus in for the time being.

Zeus is about.... 2-3 months old? and nunu is 3-4 months old?

nunu is about twice as big as zeus, if not a bit more. she weighs a lot more, is lots stronger, well... you get the idea.

anyhow, even when i used to take nunu to giovannis' place, zeus would just follow her and attack her (playfully), poke his face in her face, and just follow her. thats because hes younger, i get that.

but the thing is, nunu is discomforted by this (sometimes), and when she is, she attacks him (not in any threatening way) to let him know "hey, screw off!"

problem is he doesnt get what "Screw off!" means. he just keeps going, nunu would usually be on her back, meaning shes in a submissive posture/state, so shes not threatening as much as she is... annoyed.

eventually, she gathers enough anger to pounce on him when he really makes things (As we say in arabic) lame, and pins him down, does that kinda, cat "bully" thing. zeus meows in disstress when things go against his "way" and then just wags his tail like crazy, arches his back, and runs away. only to come back for more LOL.

anyhow, i've read somewhere, its natural for cats and dogs to dictate who stands where in rank level, so when one cat pins another down, and kinda "bullies" it, its natural and unharmful.

sometimes nunu goes up to wrestle with him on her own, but like i said, if its not zeus's way, he gets annoyed.

my question is:

should i allow zeus to take the "roughing up" so he understands what means what when it comes to the feline way of respect?
hes got a forgiving temperment, or hes just dumb because, next thing you know, he goes back and instigates it lol.

i noticed nunu's chest smells like poo... kinda. her breath kinda verges on smelling like poo too sometimes. i dont think its poo, but...well... i dont know, is has anyone encountered this aswell?
nunu grooms herself regularly though.

anyhow, thanks


September 13th, 2010, 12:51 PM
Yeah that sounds like Zeus, lol.
Anyways, call me tomorrow, I miss him!

September 16th, 2010, 11:44 AM
That's what 3 mo. old kittens do, jump, pounce, wrestle, bite and scratch. They're learning how to control their bite, sheath their claws, when other kitten gets mad and attacks back. Nunu lying on her back is not always a submissive action with cats, but more a defensive one. As she has all four feet and claws out and teeth as weapons, and cats will kick another on top with their bottom feet. What you're describing is typical play behaviour among young kittens. You don't need to interfere, as often the bully one gets it back as good as he gave it, if you know what I mean. That's what kitties their age do, and yes it does get pretty wild!

As for the poo smell on Nunu's chest. Could be off Zeus's bottom while they were wrestling. Just wash it off with a very warm washcloth with a little soap, and then rinse off soap with a well wrung out washcloth until there's no soapy residue, and rub with a towel. Most cats or kittens don't like to clean their fur if there's poo on it. Can you blame them?
As for Nunu's bad breath, kittens her age usually don't have bad smelling breath, unless they have worms. Did you get her wormed? If you did, take a stool sample to vet and see if she needs to be wormed again.