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Ozzy not doing so well again

September 7th, 2010, 10:18 PM
:pray: My Ozzy isn't doing so good. It started last week. It seemed he was trying to cough up a hairball but nothing would come up. After watching this for a couple days and doing some research online, I took him to the vet yesterday. The vet did xrays because he said he's very congested but there is no fluid in his lungs. His heart also sounded good. He put him on clavamox and prednisone. Fast forward to today and anything he's tried to eat he pukes up ... including water. scary! So I took him back to the vet b/c Ozzy is SO lethargic and just stares off into space. He'll walk so far and sleep for an hour, will walk a little further and lie down until eventually he gets to his destination- then repeats it to get back to where he came from. So when I took him back to the vet, he can't find anything wrong with him and can't understand why he's so lethargic. He said to give it another 24 hrs and if he hasn't improved bring him back for blood work. I'm sad because we can't afford blood work so PLEASE PRAY :pray: that he gets even a little better over night. I can't lose another cat so soon after I just opened my heart up to loving another one after my beloved Pinecone passed 4 years ago. It's taken me 4 years to be able to love and get close to another cat and I'll just be devastated if Ozzy doesn't make it.
Thank you :pawprint:


His glucose is 22.8 so the vet thinks he has diabetes. We won't be able to continue treatment so i'm really sad. But we'll wait for the test to come back before making any decisions.

Me and Ozzy (after the last time he was sick, he was doing so much better)

September 8th, 2010, 03:58 PM
You dont need a vet to handle diabetes in a cat.

SCM will say the same.
Still costs you about $100 a month, but you will have a happy cat.:)