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Cat has bad breaks

September 7th, 2010, 07:30 AM
Nunu has moments where she kicks it into four wheel drive and runs so fast in a direction that she really isn't aiming where to go and just ends up bulldozing into the lounge chair or the wall or something hard.

Shes got a beautifully strong build. When I play with her she goes too fast for herself sometimes. But that's not what worries me because cats a have durable bodies.

What bothers me is that yesterday she ran up the 4ft lounge chair and supermaned her way accross 5ft and onto my clothes rack that stands 4ft tall.

I've walked into the room before to find her ontop of my coat rack, that's fine, because she calculated her way there like a normal cat.

It was awesome seeing her pulloff that stunt because it looked awesome when She jumped across, but im afraid she'll hurt herself because she's not thinking of where she's going. All that was missing was a swimming pool though when she did that jump.
After she fell down, she kinda absorbed what happened and was kind of confused.

20 minutes ago she jumped of my bed and ran towards the underneath of the lounge chair but she hit her head on the wood work which is the last bit of the chair. I was play chasing her , but like I said, she goes to fast for herself.
That was the first and last *I chase her.*
When I play with her though it's on my bed, so it's no obstacle course.

It's when she runs around alone that's the problem.

I remember she chased gambit once but she made the chase so fast that gambit ran into the tv stand head first he was trying to turn by it.

What's the diagnosis?*


September 7th, 2010, 07:52 AM
The diagnosis is Zoomies! thats what many call it...Seems like they get this burst of energy! and run all over.....very funny sometimes and others not!! :D

Sounds like Nunu is growing into a fine kitty with typical cat behaviour! :thumbs up


September 7th, 2010, 12:29 PM
Thanks Cindy, that's a relief!

It is funny because her jumps are abnormally strong/high/long.

I'm just afraid she jumps into the wrong placE at the wrong time.

She's gettitng evenly heavy are starting to eat more aswell.