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dog acting weird....side effects or seizures???

September 5th, 2010, 08:43 PM
ok so my shihtzu has been acting weird for the past 4 -5 days. At first he was super lethargic and didn't seem to have an appetite and just wasnt his usual self; he had surgery last year on his back for IVDD and has only had two small flare ups since, so i assumed thats what was going on and i did what i usually do which is give him a muscle relaxer and an NSAID and crate him for a day or two and he is good to go. Well, 3 days went by and no real signifigant change, so of course i took him to see his vet and she determined he was actually having abdominal pain, so she did xrays to make sure there was no blockage, which there wasnt, but she thought because of the anorexia and the fact that he had vomited once he may have a small bout of pancreatitis, so she gave him some injections of fluid and anti-nausea meds and pepcid subQ and sent us on our way with some amoxicillin, tramadol for discomfort and put him on a bland diet. when we got home he had really perked up and seemed to be doing much much better, so last night i started him on the amoxicillin and pepcid but didn't give the tramadol becuase he didnt seem to be in any discomfort. well i guess early this morning round 2am he was running back and forth through the house from room to room, very unusual for him, (he sleeps when we do) and then i woke up again around 5am to find him running around the bathroom, he would sit for a few seconds and then get up and run to the other side and sit, and he was also trying to bite the floor, as if he saw something to grab, the same way he is with food on the floor,or the way that he bites at the air for flies, but nothing was there. i thought that was odd, and then he began to run from room to room hiding under things like desks and beds,which he wont stay under for more than a few minutes and then he would begin to whine as if he was uncomfortable, and he wouldn't come when i was of course a little more than worried, i got up and gave him his next dose of amoxicillin, pepcid and tramadol this time since he looked to be uncomfortable, and tried to feed him, he ate some but not much. I took him back to the vet again, and on examination she said his stomach felt much better but he really really fought having his temp taken rectally, which is unusual for him, so she did a rectal exam expressed the glands. she said it was odd becuase he seemed to be uncomfortable in his lower back area but he was ok when she was "in " the rectum, but he freaked when she got near his butt or backside,he was also quite weak in the hind legs but he can still run obviously because thats all he's been doing around the house from room to room. I told her about the bizzare behavior, she was thinking it may be a disk issue given his history and he was running in order reduce discomfort, so she gave us some predinsone to begin using. she also took some blood work to make sure nothing metabolic is going on. I gave him the prednisone right away, and when we got home he didn't seem to improve, he was extremely restless, and aggitated and continued to move about as if he couldnt get comfortable, and run from room to room, hidding under beds and desks,and once again he wouldn't stay in one spot for more than 5-10 minutes, and was panting heavily, but wouldnt drink any water. he also would whine and cry ocassionally. He has been like this ALL DAY!!!! no break, i have noticed however that he seems to look at his back leg and then precede to bite it as if it were offending him and then its almost like it twitches and when it does he looks back at it and thats when he gets up to change spots, its almost like he is trying to run away from his legs! he just looks so scared when he looks at his hind quarters:(: ive been doing nuero checks all day to make sure he's not loosing function, he seems to try not to use his left leg if he can, and he hasn't really been knuckling and still has goos DPS in both paws, but he still seems weak back there. I did some research and i guess because tramadol is an opioid, it can cause hallucinations, so i thought maybe thats why he was soo anxious and biting at nothing and acting paranoid, but now im begining to think it may be a reaction to the amoxicillin since its been almost 10 hours since i gave him his meds and he is still acting bizzare and it began late last night early this am and i didn't give him his first tramadol until around 7am. I know he must be exhausted because i am, and he just doesnt seem to be able to sleep; due to the panting and whinning,and constant changing of positions. his HR is normal and his bowel sounds are good, i thought it might be bloat at first with the hiding and anxiousness but now im worried because all his symptoms seem to be inline with the pre-ictal phases of siezure. Im not going to give him anymore meds until i hear otherwise from the vet whom i have called 3 times since we left this morning but i havent gotten a call back:confused: anyone else ever had this happen with their dog?? its bizzare. I want to continue with the prednisone....but im not sure, the odd behavior began before the prednisone and he has had that before so i would like to think thats not what is causing this strange behavior.....but hes never had amoxicillin or tramadol before this time......:wall: we sent out blood work today so i know i will get a call tommorrow with results and will be able to speak with the vet then, but i just hate waiting considiring she seemed confused by it when i saw her today......if anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated:) thanks for listenting to me rant, i hate when my dogs are sick i can't focus on much else, which is no bueno with being in nursing school:( thanks

September 6th, 2010, 08:26 AM
Hi, Samantha. I'm sorry to hear your dog is having these issues and I'm sorry I can't shed any light on what would be the cause. I know it is so difficult when our pets are sick.:grouphug:

In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that a reaction to amoxicillin would account for the unusual behaviours you describe. The following website gives some information on amoxicillin use in dogs:

Hopefully the results of the blood tests will shed some light on what is causing these issues and your vet will be able to give you a diagnosis. :fingerscr

It is always a good idea to request copies of any blood test results for your own information and records, and many of us on here do that. Please let us know what happens today. You could also post anything that is out of the norm on the blood tests on here. Perhaps there is someone else on here who has experienced something similar to this. We also have an excellent veterinarian, Dr. Lee, who volunteers his time and expertise on this forum who would be happy to offer you some additional feedback and guidance if needed.

:goodvibes: that your pupper starts feeling better soon. Please keep us informed.