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6 week old puppy - training

September 4th, 2010, 09:50 AM
I have an orphaned, 6 week old female chihuahua.

She is doing great with peeing on puppy pads when placed on them, however ... whenever she walks on carpet she squats and pees. (She does this just about anywhere even after she has peed on the puppy pad)

I know that it is perhaps to soon to expect her to "get it" because realistically she should not yet be weaned from her mother, but my concern is that when she is trained and using the puppy pads regularly, on her own, that she will continue to pee on carpet - thinking that's what she's supposed to do because underfoot, it feels similar to the puppy pad.

I'd also like to get her to "go" outside as well, but currently, she is so very tiny - just 1 lb. 1 oz.

Am very consistent with her - taking her to the pad every half hour (except when she's sleeping) and she's doing well.

Just need to break her of the peeing on the carpet.


September 4th, 2010, 10:29 AM
Puppies often train themselves to eliminate in an area away from their "den," play and feeding areas by the time they're 8 weeks old. Can you set up a playpen for her where a small crate, bowls, and toys are on one side and her pee pad at the opposite end? You must be diligent about cleaning any accidents she's had that are not on her pee pad in her pen and she should pick up on it in a short while. As she grows, you can either expand the pen or give her limited access to your home until she's reliable. I'd avoid letting her on the carpet at all until then (don't forget to use an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle so the smell won't encourage her to go in the same place again). Reward her with a tiny treat every time she pees/poops on her pad or when your outdoors with her.

Have you had her vaccinated and de-wormed yet? Being without any litter mates and mom, you might want to consider a well-run puppy socialization class (smaller breeds only) by the time she's 8-10 weeks old.

September 4th, 2010, 07:49 PM
Thanks luckypenny!
She is currently being crated except for mealtime and playtime.
Accidents are cleaned up immediately after they happen - with vinegar/water.
I have the Natures Miracle for cats (we have two) - does it work for dog pee too or is there one specific for dogs?
She has been to the vet, had her first de-worm last week and has two more to go. She has an appointment on Wednesday for her first vaccination.
We've found a great vet (we think, so far).
Thus far the pee pads seem to be working well, tho' she does still soil her crate - we think she does it in her sleep. Tho' she prefers to poo off of the pad and in the same area pretty much all the time. We're working on that - it's pretty easy to tell when she's going to go.