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Depressed Daschund?

September 1st, 2010, 08:18 PM
Pebbles and Whatley have been together since Whatley came into our pack 4 years ago. He (Whatley) has grown up with her (Pebbles) and has never been seperated from her.

Sadly, Pebbles was euthanized on the 24th of August. My partner then needed to leave on a business trip the next day for a week. Whatley and I made a trip out of town to be with my family as I was very upset by the loss of Pebbles.

Whatley and I returned home yesterday. He has been sleeping overly much, he seems to have no joy...we went for a walk today and when we came home he went to bed. He doesn't want food or treats. His bowel movements are normal...all else seems okay. I have been crying because of losing Pebbles and he is very connected to me.

Could he be depressed, grieving? Half of his pack (Pebbles and my partner) are gone. Any thoughts on this?

In Spirit,

September 2nd, 2010, 12:39 AM
Whatley could well be grieving for Pebbles. Dogs are very sensitive to our moods, so he knows there's something to be upset about. He may be worried about your partner, too, since he knows you're sad about something and both your partner and Pebbles are gone right now.

Dogs grieve at their own pace, as do humans. You both need time for healing. If you can, try to be strong for him. Try to keep to your normal routine. Snuggle often.

If he still isn't eating tomorrow, you might want to have him checked at the vet, just to set your mind at ease. Certainly if Whatley doesn't perk up when your partner returns, a vet visit would be in order.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss of Pebbles. Just remember that she wouldn't want to see you or Whatley unhappy :2huggers:

Most of the members on the board have experienced losses and can imagine what you're going through. So if you need to talk, we're here for you. :grouphug:

September 2nd, 2010, 08:15 AM
Thank you for your response. This morning Whatley ate his breakfast and went back to bed. My partner returns late this afternoon and I am truly hoping that it helps Whatley to perk up.

Yes, we are both grieving. Pebbles was a much loved companion for many years. There is a huge space left from her passing. She was a beautiful friend and one that is deeply missed.

I wrote a poem about her the morning after she passed, it is posted on my blog:

Thank you for your caring words.

Many blessings,