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How do I train my Border Collie to stop peeing in the apartment?

August 29th, 2010, 12:53 AM
Hello everyone. My wife and I rescued from the Brampton Animal Shelter a 3 month old Border Collie / German Sheppard mix puppy about 3 months ago. She is now 6 months old. A lot of work with her. She is really energetic. We were taking her to the off-leash park here in Brampton, but found out she had to be spayed before she was allowed into the park. We spayed Dixie over a week ago, and she is feeling great. Dixie has brought a lot of joy and happiness into our lives. We adore her very much. It's fun to see her chase our 4 year old cat around the apartment. :dog::dog:

Even though we live on the ground floor of a small apartment building, Dixie gets at a minimum of 2 hours of walking/running outside. Sometimes we take her to my wife's parents place and she runs around in their back yard. The biggest problem we have with her is that she is still peeing in the apartment. My wife has setup a section in the apartment where she has placed a large sponge and has plastic over it. On top of it is newspaper, just in case Dixie needs to do wee wee, if she doesn't get outside. We take her out many times during the day. My wife's parents also come over to take her out for her little jobs she has to do. I do not agree with the paper on the floor as I feel it has caused Dixie to just run there when she wants to go. Sometimes we take her out via the patio door, or though the two exits of the building, as we live right on the corner. It's a great location to take Dixie out.

Would appreciate any suggestion to stop Dixie from peeing in the apartment sometimes. Every time we take her out, she will do her wee wee, and then come back in. She is not in the apartment 25 minutes and she decides to sit on the newspaper and do it again. Getting frustrated as we have tried so hard to get her to stop. What are we doing wrong? I know she is still a puppy at 6 months old, but shouldn't Dixie be trained now, as we have had her 3 months. Thanks!!!!