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Bayley around submissive dogs

August 27th, 2010, 07:25 PM
Hey Everybody...long time no post!! Everyone here is doing well. Just wondering if anybody has a dog that does what Bayley does and do you do anything about it or just let them be.

Bayley seems to have an issue with really submissive dogs, the type that practically run/crawl to another dog and then immediately fall over, complete with trying to lick her face etc. She gets all growly with them, has never bit but to me it seems she's trying to tell them to get a dog quit grovelling on the ground like a wimp. Of course the other dog usually keeps at the really submissive behaviour and of course the other owner gets all freaked out. Bayley's pretty noisy when she plays and loves to wrestle. The last dog like that she met, after a few minutes, 2 or 3 she started to play bow to it but then the owner decided to grab her dog and haul him off..heheh he didn't go willingly. Then later we went to an offleash area and there were 2 other dogs there. One was a border collie and when he spotted Bayley coming up, he went into his BC crouch and I kinda thought UHOH. She was a perfectly well behaved girl greeting this boy and his little Schnauzer friend. They took off running together and he stuck right by her. He had a tough, little girl Schnauzer friend..put the run on Bayley at one point. I would like to find another dog sometime in the next year and it's gonna be a tough match I think...she can be such a dog snob at times!! Takes after her mom I think :laughing: