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Removing many dog urine spots from carpet?

August 24th, 2010, 11:51 PM
So, out of interest I bought one of those urine finder lights since it was handily located right near the bottle of enzyme-based urine neutralizers. I took it home, and tried it out. I could have shot that little Chihuahua! :wall:

I knew he was peeing in our bedroom since he peed all over my bed skirt and the wall. I also knew he had peed in the living room on the old couch and also out the sides of his kennel. I got him a new teeny kennel and put it on the lino. He can't pee out the side anymore. What I didn't know is that he has peed (still is?? not sure) all over the spare bedroom as well (which I had a sneaking suspicion), and the areas of the living room and our bedroom are LARGE areas from numerous pees! :yell:

Finally, the SO has agreed that Peewee has a problem, and has agreed to ban Peewee to the cummerbund inside, and he isn't allowed to leave his bed unless invited. This is how I treat Peewee when I'm in camp (for those who don't know P is with me in a camp work situation most of the time...home for weekends a couple times a month), and it has been working well. However, I will take the urine light with me to camp this weekend to double check!

So...long story short...

I have been liberally using Urine Off on the pee patches, cover with damp towel overnight, let dry the next day, and reapply the next night. After only 1 treatment I can no longer smell the urine, but I'm sure Peewee can. After two treatments I shampoo the carpet with Bissel Pet Odor & Stain Shampoo with my carpet machine. This is working, but even after 2 treatments and a thorough shampoo I can still see a vague glow with the light. I have gone through 2 $15 bottles of Urine Off already, and I have maybe done 20% of the pee patches. Is there a better/cheaper alternative? Am I doing it right? Is a vague glow good enough?

August 25th, 2010, 12:23 AM
Were there ever other dogs/cats living in your home prior to Peewee or prior to you living there?

When we had carpeting at our old house, I thoroughly shampooed and then rinsed them. Once dried, I'd pre-soak any pee areas with 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water....and then pass the carpet cleaner again with just vinegar added to the water instead of shampoo.

Do you know what's under the carpeting? Any way possible to remove the carpeting altogether? Or perhaps umbilical while Peewee is in the carpeted rooms with you?

August 25th, 2010, 09:57 AM
Hi luckypenny,

The carpet is brand new, so we don't want to remove it. It was freshly renovated when we moved in, so any urine marks are from Peewee within the last year and a half. The carpet is a low pile, but has underlay under it, and concrete floors (no basement). The area in our bedroom that has urine on it is about 6x2', the spare room about 4x3', the living room about 2x2'.

Peewee sleeps in his kennel in our bedroom. When he pees, he sneaks off and does it, so that's why we decided to use the cummerbund. When he has the cummerbund on he is better at staying on his bed anyway. The cummerbund and staying on his bed is something that I started with him when I took him to camp with me in May. When first introduced to the cummerbund he peed in it several times, but finally decided that was not a good idea. So now he doesn't have free run of the house, he is either on his bed, on our lap, or in his kennel, and he always has his cummerbund on. Also, in the morning before he goes out to the bathroom I put his cummerbund on right away and make him sit on his bed for awhile (at first only 10 minutes, now he waits an hour while I get my lunch ready) so he gets used to the feeling of having to go without having an accident. He gets his morning meal about 10 minutes before he is allowed to go outside. Before, if he had the inkling to "go" he would just sneak off and go. He would poop in the house too, but not very often. Btw, he is 5 years old, and he just started living with me and SO a year and half ago (he was at SO's mom's house before she sent him here because he started messing in the house, but that's a different thread lol).

When shampooing the carpet, I was always under the impression that you have to use an enzyme-based neutralizer on the urine spots before shampooing or the urine will just get spread around, and the dog will continue to pee there because he can smell it even if we can't. The urine light confirms this - I tried simply shampooing the carpet with the Bissel Pet Odor & Stain Shampoo. To my nose, I can't smell the untreated urine spots unless I put my face near the carpet, and I can't see them either. I was going around the carpet with my nose sniffing the spots out before I bought the light! :lightbulb:

August 26th, 2010, 01:51 AM