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How to training your dogs?

August 23rd, 2010, 01:48 AM
We got a puppy from my friend for a gift.We only have cat before,and because my wife just pregnant,so we think about whether we want to adopt it.Some of nice guys here told us itís no problem with the baby,so we decide to adopt it.This puppy came to our home last Saturday,but it still pee anywhere,and no matter how we told itÖ.
So how to training it get use to pee at the right place?

August 23rd, 2010, 08:41 AM
Raising a young baby is quite a feat in itself with all the challenges you can face. While a puppy is less challenging in some aspects it is no sea monkey.
Potty training for a pup requires time and perseverance and love. Meaning that ideally if someone is home during the day that they take puppy out and show him where to potty BEFORE accidents happen. A puppy generally needs to pee after it wakes up, if someone is leaving the house, entering the house , after it has eaten or had water or based upon its age and breed every couple of hours.

Set your puppy up for success so accidents do not happen. If there is someone at home you can take puppy out at these times, or before you leave the house to the spot you want him to pee and ask him to pee- " I say "go pee". When he does this PRAISE him. Some people may use treats but I use praise for this one. He may not get it the first time or the first few weeks 100% but it will eventually happen. I cheat sometimes and keep a tissue from where there was an accident and place this in the desired pee spot to stimulate the urination as dogs like to mark their spot.

Another point is that you must also clean up old accident spots to avoid the pup trying to mark these areas. There are many recipes on line using vinegar, water etc- please look up for the exact measurements.
You will also need a crate for training. NEVER use this for punishment.
The theory behind this is that a dog will not soil the area he is sleeping in/his den. So at night take puppy out before bedtime and then crate. (There are several articles you can google on crate training). I usually wake up a little earlier with a young pup to allow them to SUCCEED.

Golden rule: set your pup up for success and praise, do not scold, the pup may not have the ability yet with a small bladder. Do not expect any immediate results and if you catch him in the act make a gasping noise of surprise to get his attention and then bring him to the spot where you want him to pee. If he starts to pee then praise!

If you are crate training you can leave puppy in his crate for a bit in the morning (after having let him relieve himself after the long night) or while the family is eating breakfast and going through the morning routine/baby feedings & diaper changes ( let him eat his breakfast in the crate during this time) and take him out after again when you take baby in the stroller for the morning walk. You can do this at night at dinner time as well so you can take care of baby and not worry about watching puppy during this time.

Please be sure of course to use the crate as a tool and still give him pee breaks and regular walks, time out of the crate spent playing fetch & cuddles and love during the day so that he is stimulated. Be sure when he is in the house to confine him to a common room like the kitchen, so he will learn not to soil this area. He needn't be in a crate if you are around, you may use a baby gate or an x pen.

Please check the internet for tips but this covers some of the basics.
Good Luck and Remember: Praise and LOve and Perseverance!