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Found these pics...

heeler's rock!
September 11th, 2004, 01:27 PM
Hi! I just found these pictures of Kia, my border collie. I thought they were cute and wanted to share! :D

September 11th, 2004, 07:01 PM
Ohhh I love them, thx you :D what a cutie puppie

September 11th, 2004, 10:03 PM
Nice photo's loves border collies they sure are smart. The cat is cute too. :D

heeler's rock!
September 11th, 2004, 10:09 PM
Thanks! The cat is Puff. She was my first cat ever, but I left her with my family when I moved as my sister got really attached. Plus, Puff is a bit of a princess and needs the whole house to herself! Her full name is Princess Puffball!!! :D

September 11th, 2004, 10:46 PM
Love that smack photo!!! What a shot! Priceless!

September 12th, 2004, 03:44 PM
Heelers,I love the pic with the cat ready to strike :D
By the way,you are a wonderful writer,maybe you could post some more poems :confused:

September 12th, 2004, 04:32 PM
Woot.. i almost missed this!! LOL kiasqueeze.jpg is AWWWWESOME
thanks for sharing heeler's rock! gimmie more more more, how do you like it, how do you like it, more more more.

yeah the Smack photo is TOO CUTE.. (my version)

heeler's rock!
September 12th, 2004, 05:10 PM

Iron, that is too funny!!!! That is so what the cat was thinking!! Kia is so funny around her and Puff just wasn't used to dogs!! Hehehehe!! I have to show that to my sister!! She'll really get a kick outta it!!

Chico, thanks for the compliment! :o I would love to pst a few other poems I have. when I write, it's kinda in the "heat of the moment" so to speak. The Kensington poem I wrote in about 10 mins. because I was going through so many emotions over that and writing when your emotional is like turning on a tap for me. The thoughts just rush out of my brain to the paper. I have a few more that i'll post when I can find them in the non-pet forum!! :D

September 12th, 2004, 07:23 PM
Beutiful dog and cat!!!!

heeler's rock!
September 12th, 2004, 08:22 PM
Hey Chico! Here's a poem I found that I wrote for my baby Red! I thought you might enjoy it! :)

Red's Poem

Words cannot express
The love I have for you.
The greatest thing about it,
Is you love me this much too!

You may have four legs,
And bark insted of speak.
But you know when I am hurting,
And you lift me when I am weak.

We've been best friends forever.
You follow me everywhere I go.
I'd wonder if you really were "man's best friend"
Now I don't wonder, now I really know!

Although our time together is short,
You've taught me so much about love.
When your time comes to an end,
You will continue to be my angel from Heaven up above.

heeler's rock!
September 12th, 2004, 08:28 PM
Here's a good picture of me and Red...

September 12th, 2004, 08:54 PM
What a fantastic picture :D

September 12th, 2004, 08:54 PM
Here's a good picture of me and Red...
for once i wish i was Red in that picture!!

heeler's rock!
September 13th, 2004, 08:52 AM
Iron,'re gonna get me in trouble with the hubby!! :o
That's sweet! Thanks! :D

September 13th, 2004, 09:40 AM
Heeler's rock....beautiful picture,love black and whites...
and you are now officially our resident poet,wonderful :D

September 13th, 2004, 03:05 PM
This was the first thread I read after logging on. What a great picture and poem! What a great way to start out!! :D

heeler's rock!
September 13th, 2004, 04:00 PM
Awww!! Thanks Chico! :o I love writing and have since I was a kid! Anymore I find or write, I'll post. Who knows, maybe one day I'll compile enough to have a book!! :D

September 13th, 2004, 04:15 PM
I too always loved writing and I love poetry,but I am just not good enough..I think I could write good in Swedish :D
Compiling your poems in a book would be a wonderful idea,I would buy it!!!
People don't read enough today,to me there is nothing better than curling up with a good book,with a cat on my lap purring away :D

heeler's rock!
September 13th, 2004, 05:15 PM
Here here! I totally agree!!! :D