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some training issue.

August 20th, 2010, 05:43 AM
i hv adopted a 2yr old abandoned lab a month ago. He has an habit to pee and poo only when taken for a walk. But i want to train him to do it in the toilet because people in the area create nuisance when he does it outside.plz help me with some tips as in how can i train him for the same. I tried training him with trainer drops but in vain..pls help asap.

August 20th, 2010, 09:11 PM
You could do what dog owners have to do in Canada. Most dog owners carry a plastic bag and pick up the poo and then discard it in their garbage at home. I'm sure the people in your area would appreciate that. Most of our parks require owners to pick up their dog poo. Maybe you could train him to pee in an area that's not used by people, like a vacant lot, side of the road? I've haven't heard of a dog being trained to use a toilet, a cat yes. Most dogs are smart and trainable and it's possible they could be trained to use a toilet. Haven't seen any dogs use the toilet on tho.

August 21st, 2010, 11:55 AM
thank u so much 4 d surely try doing vat u adviced..n lets c if my romeo(its hs name)is smart enough 2 get trained to do his activities in toilet..atleast 2 pee..i make hm sniff d drops n associate hs activity with a command..jst bcz i wrk for 10-12 hrs n during dat time if he requires to that he'll b able to..wil inform if i suceed..lts hope 4 d bst..thanks once again..n also let me knw if m wrkng in d rgt direction..:angel:

August 21st, 2010, 10:26 PM
Just had a thought about training your lab to use the toilet. May be very difficult to train him to squat if he's used to lifting his leg to pee. I really think it would be difficult to train a Lab to balance on a toilet, perhaps he's too big and seat too slippery for it. Just my opinion.

August 21st, 2010, 11:01 PM
Catlover, this poster states her location is Mumbai. There are squat toilets there. Though there are toilet pots like we have too, I believe this poster is referring to a squat toilet. Teaching a lab to squat over a single specific location, which is basically a hole in the ground, would be a LOT easier than the image you've got in mind. However, I have not seen it or heard of it, though I am sure that it has been done. It might be a bit finickier to get the dog to poo in one specific spot, or to get it to urinate while squatting.

You could put the dog on a strict routine. The routine will help you learn when he needs to eliminate, and it helps him find confidence more quickly rather than having a guessing game about when he might need to go. Ten to twenty minutes after each meal or drink or waking up from a nap (it depends on the dog how long that time will be; see first what time works on average for Romeo so that you have a better success rate for the following), take the dog to the toilet, and tell it "go pee". Do not leave that area until the dog has gone pee. The closer the dog is to the toilet, the bigger the treat or praise. Say "good pee" immediately after it has finished peeing, with a treat or with praise in whichever way you tell your dog it's a command or job well done. You say you have drops; I assume those are drops that encourage a dog to use a specific location for going pee. If those are in the toilet, it might be very quick to teach him that.

Now while you are doing this training, whenever your dog goes poo (doesn't matter where), give it another word. For instance, "Go poo", or "get busy". Get Romeo to associate that word with going poo. Make sure it is a word that is not a common phrase so that he will not get confused if he hears the phrase when he shouldn't be going poo.

First say it when you see he is squatting to go poo. Then say it when you see he is preparing to go poo. When he is finished, say good poo, or good busy, and combine that with a favourite treat or form of praise. You'll have an idea of his poo schedule based on his meal times... so after you've established when he needs to go, and that he understands the word for poo, take him to the toilet, and point at the toilet and say the command. Do not allow him to leave or be distracted. Do not play with him or talk with him or pamper him... he's expected to do a poo, and after the poo there can be love and fun and treats again.

I hope that this helps you on the path to training him. There are other options, such as "clicker training", where you use a little object that makes a clicking sound to mark a location or behaviour that you wish to encourage. Here is a link to further information about it:

August 22nd, 2010, 07:55 AM
Marcha, I was wondering if that was the kind of toilet he meant, but couldn't remember the name of them! It would definitely make more sense.

August 23rd, 2010, 12:19 AM
thanks a lot guys..n m tryng to train hm to use western type of toilet the one m usng to train hm is specially meant for kids n pets with minimal height so that they dnt need to balance on would b same lyk he doing hs activities normally..n it is placed in the seperate spacious corner of toilet where he wnt slip or hurt hmslf..n yes m associating hs activities with the command and was doing it the way u jst recommended..also its a bit difficult to communicate vid hm as m unaware of which commands he is trained with(its worse bcz mine is a multi lingual country).m trainin hm normal 'sit' 'stand' ,etc.commands as wel bt then hs response to them is partial i.e., only when he knws its hs training session n he'l get hs trainer biscuits..i do praise hm if he follows it normally..n thanks once again..