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Kitty losing his meow

August 20th, 2010, 03:42 AM
Zeus use to have the cutest little meow, but a few days ago he gradually started to lose his voice, I noticed his meows becoming more and more faint, and now I can barely hear him, there's almost no meow, but I know he's meowing cause I see his mouth open and I barely hear him.
Anybody know if this happens naturally to some cats, or is there something wrong with him?
Gambit has silent meows, from the day I got him, his meows have been silent, never really that vocal unless he wants to be, but Zeus was always vocal..
Here's an old pic of Zeus, not that old, but yeh...

August 20th, 2010, 09:33 PM
Any chance cat ate something and it's stuck in his throat? On one thread a cat lost its voice because it ate part of a balloon and it was stuck in its throat. Got its voice back after it was removed.

Loss of voice seems like a mysterious problem, even to vets:

August 21st, 2010, 06:03 PM
Maybe its you! Are you going deaf?


August 21st, 2010, 06:22 PM
It would be a really good idea to get Zeus to the vet. Sometimes a cat losing its' meow is nothing. Other times it is a very serious medical issue. Why take the chance?

August 23rd, 2010, 03:33 AM
Thanks for the link catlover2, really appreciate it.
And yes that's true 14+kitties, I don't want to ignore this, I plan on going to the vet by the end of the month. I would take him right now, but financially, I can't at the moment.