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11 week old puppy pooping on our bed.

July 1st, 2010, 04:02 PM
Our 11 week old mini wirehaired dachshund is occasionally pooping on our bed,we had her for 2 weeks and so far it happened about 4 times.
She's been diagnosed with coccidia and is on her last two doses of Albon for it.
As of today I started feeding her for the second time around 4pm took her out and she pooped :)
Her stool has been solid and she doesn't have any runny stuff.She also pees in our bed,I take her out one last time before bed,than brush my teeth etc. while she stays with my husband,a few minutes later when I'm already in bed my husband then puts her into bed with me,she than hops around the bed-spreads like the energizer bunny,eventually she stops but quickly pees one last time on the bed before finally :sleepy: What are we doing wrong :shrug:
Thanks in advance!

July 1st, 2010, 09:00 PM
You are expecting too much from a tiny, young pup who has been very sick.

Since you are able to see a pattern in her last late night mistake on your bed, then know that just before she stops her last late night romp in the sheets you need to take her outside ASAP.

She has not learned to recognize that she needs to go and so the second she feels it she does it. Her brain and muscles are still young and they aren't always communicating with each other in a timely manner.

Also, every time she soils the bed and you don't catch her, then she learns to soil on the bed. She is also learning to soil on soft things like mattresses and sheets. Dogs often habituate to a texture that they can soil on so be careful and set her up for success on the grass.

Also.....just because she soils once doesn't mean she isn't going to need to do it 3 more times within the next 15 mins. So you have to give her lots of chances to do it some more on the grass.

Also............When is the last time she gets water? Take her out just before bed, again after she races around the bed and then you are done. Try not to let her reload with more water. A little water is okay but try not to let her fill the tank.