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5 cats... no more counting! :p

June 30th, 2010, 09:35 PM
Hi everyone.

Thanks for your encouragement about Ozzy. As promised, here is a little about me. In the last 6 years i've had 12 cats. Here's how it goes, try to keep up!!

I had my Pinecone(:rip:) and Callie when I met my husband who had Ziggy. He decided he wanted more so "we" adopted Kramer and Applesauce (:rip:). When we moved in together we had all 5! Applesauce and Kramer came from the same litter and Kramer was growing at an alarming rate, but Applesauce stayed the same size. She was purposefully seeking out warm spots and found her once asleep in her food. We took her to the vet to find out she had a malformed heart and wouldn't survive. We said goodbye to her. I got my girl Cotton a few months later. About a year later, we discovered Callie was peeing on various things in the house and after discovering it wasn't an UTI, decided to give her to a home where she could pee wherever she wanted! My son's teacher had a barn and there were several cats in the area who seemed to be all friends so we sent Callie to the barn. The decision to send Cotton with her was more due to how close her and Callie were. I couldn't bear to separate them, but I was pregnant and couldn't have a peeing cat! So fast forward a while. Now we have Pinecone, Ziggy and Kramer. One night Ziggy went missing and we couldn't find him. After calling around vets and the spca, no Zig. We decided to bring the cats inside. In the meantime Amy (a stray) found us. We kept her around for a while, but for me it was too soon after accepting Ziggy was gone for good to have another cat, so we decided to take her to a shelter (no-kill of course). Low and behold - ZIGGY WAS THERE!!!!!!!! :cat: He'd gotten up under a car and when the car turned on the fan belt degloved his tail and shredded his leg. After multiple surgeries, his leg was amputated. So that's where we found him - at the SPCA less a leg and a tail. We brought him home a week later. Kramer didn't like being an inside cat and started peeing on my laundry. Once again, after testing for UTI and found nothing, we decided he'd go to the barn as well. Now we were down to just Ziggy and Pinecone. That's when Padre found us. We didn't want any more cats at this time so we called a local shelter who asked us to foster him in the meantime until they could find him a home. They'd fix him and get him his first shots and provide food. Sure! We were ok with that on a temp basis. After Padre came back from getting fixed he got sick, very sick. We had the shelter pick him up. We found out later on that he went to the elderly gentleman who had been sponsoring him through the shelter's sponsor-a-cat program.
Now Pinecone had developed a serious skin disease which caused him to lick himself raw. Certain parts of his body were bare and scabby. He was diagnosed with an OCD and put on meds. The meds didn't work for him and we put him on cortisone shots in order to heal his wounds. After finding out that long term cortisone shots in cats caused (kidney or liver) failure, we stopped them as well. I manually applied cortisone cream to his tummy and the areas that were raw, but he was just so miserable. After a lot of crying and hard decisions, we decided to put my poor miserable cat out of his misery.
We adopted Feisty about a year later and just had the two cats for a long time. Last year I decided I was ready to love another kitty again and that's when we found Maynard. He was a ferral rescue and I loved him instantly. However, he wasn't very hold-friendly. He didn't want to be held or petted or picked up.... so we didn't bond very well. Still looking for the love of a kitty all my own we found Ozzy and Oliver. Ozzy fast became the little lover I needed and Oliver and Maynard became the best of friends. Feisty is still in the mix as well, but he just hangs out and is everyone's cat!

We named our last 5 cats after song artists:

Ziggy - named after Ziggy Marley
Feisty - named after Feist (even though he's a boy!)
Maynard - named after Maynard James Keenan (frontman for the band Tool)
Ozzy is named after Ozzy Osbourne and Oliver.....
well, he's not named after an artist, I've just always wanted a cat named Oliver!

So that's me and my crazy cat story!!!

:cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat:

June 30th, 2010, 09:52 PM've been a busy lady. Welcome. you'll fit right in. By the way, not that I want to ask are always welcomed....:D

June 30th, 2010, 10:42 PM
You may be interested in reading this site.......
Tons of good info on there to inform and educate. :thumbs up

July 1st, 2010, 02:59 AM

Welcome to the forum and I'd love to see Pics of your kitties. :D