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Hello from winnipeg

June 26th, 2010, 03:07 AM
Hi, I'm Claire from Winnipeg. :)

It was a sad event that caused me to find this forum. We initially had three cats - Molly and Lucy were older, and were Best Friends, and Katie, who we adopted only four years ago.

Our beloved cat, Katie died while we were away on vacation - acute kidney and liver failure. She was in the hospital, not doing well, and we had to make the decision from our hotel room to have her put to sleep. The vets suspected toxitcity of some kind, but we could not imagine what she could have gotten into. They kept asking us about antifreeze, but she was an indoor cat and could never have gotten any.

Once we got home, I searched online for hours trying to figure out what could have poisoned her. (Hence finding this forum, looking into cat health...)
Three weeks later, our central air conditioning conked out and we had to call a repair guy. He told us all the coolant had leaked out of it, and that's why it wouldn't work. We asked him where it would have leaked out from, and he pointed all along the line that ran indoors through the laundy room, which was Katie's favorite safe spot. So we have no proof, but we strongly suspect this is what Katie may have drank that made her sick.

She was our snuggler, she loved nothing more than to cuddle with mommy and daddy. We started our marriage with a "no cats in bed" rule, until we adopted Katie. Sigh...

Then a month after Katie died, we also lost Molly.
My husband's parents had gone on vacation, and left their dogs in the care of my husband's brother. He and his own dog needed a place to stay, so he said he would take care of all the dogs if he could stay at their house while they were away. Well, he wasn't doing a good job, he was never home, always out working. - my husband kept finding the dogs with no water, food spilled all over the floor, obvious signs they had been alone for many hours. He was so stressed about it, because we love those dogs and want to make sure they are not neglected. When his brother went out of town completley for two days, our best solution was to bring the dogs to our house and keep the basement door closed to keep them apart from the cats. I had plans to go camping with a friend that weekend, and my husband told me to go and have a good time, he would call if he got too overwhelmed. Well, I got a call to come home...

When his brother arrived back in town, my husband asked him to take the dogs back, and he said, no he was too busy. But he said "I'm locked out of the house, can you come let me in". My poor husband was exhausted from doing basically all the care for these dogs all week and not having sleep because his brothers dog is untrained (not even housebroken) and barks constantly. So when he left for 15 minutes to give his brother the housekey, the dogs somehow got the basement door open, and acted like a pack, and attacked Molly. John came home, heard barking, and ran downstairs, only to find his parents dog (a big collie/retriever mix) with Molly in her mouth. They rushed her to the emergency vet, but there was nothing they could do, and she was put to sleep.

After that, the brother finally took the dogs back, but the next morning we again found them with no water, so we called a kennel and booked them in until the parents came back. My husband's parents are pretty devastated by all this as well - they love our cats.

Molly was not very smart, but very happy. She liked having her bum scritched and would roll over in joy to the point of rolling off the couch if you didn't hold onto her. She liked to play chase the string, but only if you made it easy for her. She would knead her paws for HOURS sometimes, purring away, just to be next to us.

I feel like I basically have two big holes in my heart. I can't imagine what my husband must feel, having seen the attack.

We did see a grief counselor who specialises in pet loss, and we are coping. It's now been more than two months since Katie died, and just over a month since Molly.

Lucy is our oldest, and now only - she turns 14 in a month. She was just diagnosed with chronic renal failure and is starting to seem more like an older cat. It's hard to imagine her growing old without her sister Molly - they used to sleep curled up in a ball together, groom each other, etc. Lucy is sleeping with us a lot more now, she has never really had to be alone before.

We're talking about adopting another kitten soon, depending on who we find when we go to the shelter. We feel like our house is too empty now. We'll also have to be careful about making sure Lucy knows she is very loved when we bring another cat into the house, and make sure we have lots of time for loving them both.

I've lurked a bit on this forum, I feel like there's some kindred spirits here amongst animal lovers. So you might see me posting a bit. *waves*

June 26th, 2010, 09:16 AM
Welcome to the board, driver8. You've had a rough go of it lately. :( I'm so sorry for your losses of Katie and Molly :grouphug:

We do have a rainbow bridge forum where members can post memorials if you' like to share some thoughts and memories of your little sweethearts.

And we always welcome pics of furbabies! :o

Hope to see you here and there on the board. :D

June 26th, 2010, 09:34 AM
Greetings, fellow Winnipegger:D Welcome to the board.

I'm so sorry to hear about the sudden and tragic loss of Katie and Molly. Most of us on this board have lost beloved pets too and we understand what you are going through. We will never forget them but with time it does get easier :grouphug:

I see you have already discovered Growler's CRF thread. It contains a wealth of information and many links to other sources and I'm sure you will find lots of help and support.

You will find that we love pictures of furkids here.:D If you wish to post some we would love to see them.:)