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June 25th, 2010, 08:19 PM
Hi my name is Cindy. Just looking for some answers to what has been happening to my dog. He loses all motor function and pants very heavily. I thought maybe it was some kind of seizure. He had his first one about 6 months, that one only lasted less than 5 mins. This week he has had 2 within 2 days and they have lasted anywhere from 20 - 30 mins. Once he finally gets his feet back under him he seems fine.

June 25th, 2010, 08:25 PM
If he hasn't seen a vet about this already, he sure needs to, Cindy. It could be a number of things, but it sounds like it's progressing.

June 26th, 2010, 08:10 AM
I agree, he needs to see your Vet. It would probably help if you could video an episode. EIC, exercise induced collapse, is found in several breeds now. What you describe could be that, as well as many other things. Was he running hard before hand? The amount of exercise it takes to provoke this varies between dogs. EIC is often confused with heat exhaustion but the latter usually takes longer to recover from.

You can see my comment is peppered with words like "could, varies and usually". It could be so many different things only your Vet can tell you.