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outdoor cat has not ben teted or vaccinated since 2008

June 13th, 2010, 04:14 PM
The situation with cats are getting more complicated . We are lost and need your insight on the issues. Please help!
My neighbor now has 5 cats. One was damped on him by the elderly neighbor , and the fifth one is a 4 months old kitten, found on a porch a week ago.
My neighbor and I went to a Spay/Neuter Clinic where we paid $94.00 for neutering 4 months old kitten along with FIV, FELV blood test Distemper, Rabbies, reducing his claws, and flea treatment. Now, he needs De-warming, which is done in the private veterinary's office. Kitten is fine, tested negative against FIV and Leukemia .
Here's the situation. My neighbor lives on a limited income Social Security disability. The 2 years old Black cat that elderly neighbor damped on him has not been vaccinated since 2008(the date he was adopted from shelter by the elderly neighbor). Now, note that this cat has been going outside since 2008, and going through garbage cans. We also have a lot of raccoons and rats. Presently the little kitten and this cat live in my neighbor's tiny one bedroom apartment.
Both of these kitties are friends now. Both of them go to the same cat litter box, and eat/drink sometimes from the same plate. Now, the elderly neighbor lied to us saying that before she gave up this black cat she updated his vaccinations. Upon my demand of seeing papers, we discovered that she has lied to us. There are no new vaccinations. The cat had the following (FVRCP 8weeks on 8/17/08; FVRCP w/Leuk -12 months on 9/19/08, Dewarming on 8/21/08. On one page of adoption paper it says he is not neutered, on the other says that he is.
Now, considering that his vaccinations were done in 2008, and I don't see anything about Rabbies shot, and the fact that he was outdoor cat, does this cat need to have Distemper and Rabbies shot? What about checking him for FIV/Leuk?

Even tough the kitten is healthy, can the elderly cat infect him with FIV or Leukemia? Perhaps, he is protected from Leukemia since he had his shot in 2008. The black cat is very gentle. I wanted to take him. He is just an angel , a little panther!
However, here are three problems.
1. I have adopted cat 1.5 years old and I am afraid that black cat may infect my cat with FIV or leukemia. Even young kitten is currently in contact with this black cat.
2. Black cat and kitten are inseparable now, and it will break older cat's heart if we taken kitten from him.
3. We don't have enough money to go with this black cat to the Veterinary to do shots and blood work. The spay/neuter Clinics won't do anything because he has microchip and not a stray cat. So, they told us to go to a private Veterinary. We cannot leave cat at the shelter because he is already stressed of being betrayed by his owner. This elderly lady moved across the street and she has no heart even to pay for cat's food and cat litter. So, my neighbor completely assumed responsibility of taking care of this cat and found kitten. Besides, he has three other cats who live in his brother's apartment at the same building.
What should we do? Any suggestions?

June 13th, 2010, 04:30 PM
Slava,I might be wrong,but I think the black kitty should be ok,even if it was 2 yrs since he was vaccinated,at least until the new owner can afford to do so.
Rabies-shots here where I live,is given every 3 yrs and you have to do it,by law.
I don't know about worms,but if the black cat has had a diet of rats or mice,he might need de-worming.
As far as the kitten,I think he's ok with the older cat,he had all his shots,right??
It would be a shame to separate the 2 if they love each other.
If I am wrong,I am sure someone else will tell you,but kudos to your neighnor for taking care of these 2 cats :grouphug:

June 13th, 2010, 07:42 PM
Where we live they have a free rabies clinic three ttimes a year, maybe they also have one in your area. I would call the health department and find out. At least the cat would have the most important shot, since hes an outdoor cat.