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More new additions!!! (and maybe a new record for litter box training!!!!)

September 7th, 2004, 01:53 PM
You will all have to excuse me, this may be long winded as we had an exciting weekend here!

Well I have talked about fostering animals before, and yesturday it got decided for me! Mamma, the outdoor cat I've been feeding (and also plan to catch/spay..etc) started to bring her kittens around this weekend...3 orange tabbies and a black/grey tabby. I put out flyers trying to locate them, with no luck, then they just showed up on my doorstep with mamma! (The neighbourhood ruffians of course were tormenting them) So, a little neighbour girl and her mom caught two, then put them back unsure of what to do with them as I was away that day. Long story short....we now have 3 of the 4 kittens and I plan to get a trap at the end of this week to get mamma and the remaining kitten (if the girl can't catch it for me-she has a real gift!---school came at an inopportune time this year :rolleyes: ).

The three little ones so far are a girl, a boy and unknown (I'm trying to slowly introduce myself). They are having kitten food and 'cats milk', and plenty of water.... they are seperated from my three in our spare room. And after bringing them in yesturday afternoon and one accident they were litter trained by last night (in a non clumping litter-I remembered that from another post)!!! I am keeping a close eye on them, checking their eyes, their feces, and of course trying to clean out some of the fleas :eek: (yick) as they are about a week or two too young for treatment. We plan to take them to the vet Friday, or at some point next week (they should be treatable for worms/fleas by then) if all goes well this week $$(hoping to have mamma and other baby by next weekend).

We also got in touch with an adoption place here in our area and may have already found good homes with family and friends.

Ok, and I was also hoping for an opinion on taking in Mamma, she is 1 year or little less old, this is her first litter, and she is ok eating on my porch with me there, she has been getting her food from me since last December, I plan to get her spayed. Have any of you heard of one in the wild that long being trained?? I really want to help her out, and her little black minx boyfriend too, because the Humane Society here pretty much guaranteed me they didnt stand a chance there, due to their age....people here are only interested in kittens, and I have got more help from the Lincoln County Humane Society than ours here in the least they were willing to help me find out more info!

September 7th, 2004, 09:23 PM
FYI....I finally talked to someone who took the time to answer some questions and was really helpful and hopeful which was doubly nice. She says that I can take mamma and her little boyfriend in and "convert" them to domesticated cats, it just takes patience and a lot of time....both of which I have!!!! So yay....brighter outlook for my little stray family!!!! And I talked to my vet and the kittens can have Revolution as early as this Friday, they just use the kitten version and gear it to their weight! So that will hopefully help with the fleas, mites and worms!!!! And oh man.....they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo
I'm taking pics so I can show them off to y'all on the weekend....the little black/gray female is so neat looking, the father is Manx(the ones with no tail) so she kinda has that face but a regular tail and tabby stripes! And oh those baby blues!!! (I better watch I am so fallin in love with these little critters- Hubby might come home to a zoo!!!!)

September 8th, 2004, 12:19 PM
This momma cat found the right house.

As for taking her in, I did the same thing. I took in a stray cat and when we first brought her in she was terrified. You couldn't touch her or anything because she would bite and scratch. She would hide under things so that you couldn't get her. To make a long story short, she became the complete opposite. With a little time she became the sweetest little cat. Half the time now you can't get her off of you. She had kittens as well and was very proud of her little family. She was even very accepting of the fact that me and my roomate felt like new moms too. We would pick the kittens up when they were a couple days old and Momma would just sit and watch.
I honestly think that Mouse realized what we were doing for her and knew that we would never do anyhting to hurt her. I think she also knew that we were just as excited about her babies as she was.

It has now been almost 10 months since the first day we brought her in and I wouldn't change a thing. Even the vet comented on what a great personality she has.

GOOD LUCK with your new mom and teeny babies. Its a lot of work but rewarding at the same time. She knows that you are doing everyhting you can to help her, it just might take a little time for the trust to build. You will not regret it, but being the kind person you are I'm sure you know that

P.S Post some pics.....I want to see these little fur balls