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Why spay?

May 18th, 2010, 01:08 PM
Marko, can we make MyBirdIsEvil's excellent posting on the importance of spaying that was in thread "another adopted cat, could use some help" in General Forum of Cats & Dogs a sticky?

i WANT her to have babies. atleast once. i mean, who am i to decide if she cant or cant. i dont want her to be deprived of a satisfaction. ofcourse i'd take care of the kittens. but i atleast want her to experience it once.
i dont know, im still uneasy about the whole thing. no matter what, it ISthe right of the animal, im gonna need more convincing besides it-will-make-everything-easier kinda notion. sorry but im being blunt. if im gonna deprive it of something like this, i want it to be for a GOOD reason. not cause its easier for me to keep her. im basically on the fence with this situation.

Why would you want to breed her?

Do you know what the word anthropomorphizing means? Look it up. Well, here you go http://medical-dictionary.thefreedic...pomorphization

That's what you're doing here. Attributing your own human feelings to your cat. She will not get the type of satisfaction out of raising children that humans do (and you have to admit, even some humans don't enjoy raising babies). Cats have the INSTINCT to raise their babies just so they can create more of themselves so their species doesn't die out, just like any other animal. Some cats do not even HAVE this instinct.
There are several threads on here about mother cats eating their own babies or just abandoning them. I have seen this happen myself. There can also be major complications due to birth or pregnancy, leading to death of the kittens or the mom, or long term health issues for both. Pregnancy and nursing is hard on a female cat and is not to be taken lightly. There is a huge cost, both financially and for the wellbeing of the mother.

Female cats do not mate and produce kittens out of the joy of doing so. They do not make a logical decision whether to mate and have kittens. Anyone who has seen female cats in heat can ascertain this. Hormones cause the female cat to feel a strong PHYISCAL need to mate. They do it instinctually. They enter a heat cycle during certain times and their BODY tells them to mate. If they do not mate during this period they feel very uncomfortable. Letting a female cat go through several heat cycles is stressful and VERY physically uncomfortable to her. This is why she seeks out a mate, to relieve the irritating physical sensation they have due to hormones.
If a female cat does not go into heat a male cat will attempt to get her to go into heat by mounting her, or if she's not in visible heat yet can rape her (when a female cat is not in heat they do not willingly allow males to mount them) and impregnate her.

Saying that you want her to get the "satisfaction" of being a mother is anthropomorphization (read the definition of that word again). You are making the assumption that the cat feels and thinks the same way that you do yourself.

As far as their PHYSICAL need to mate and have kittens, you can relieve that, and prevent the stress and possible health complications by getting your kitty spayed. It is better for her health in the long run and also better for her mental state. She will not constantly feel the irritating physical need to mate each time she goes into heat. She will not somehow escape while in heat (and believe me, cats in heat will find ANY way to escape and find a mate) and have something happen to her while wandering around who knows where. The chance of uterine cancer and other health issues will be eliminated by the spay (unspayed females have a much higher chance of developing several health issues; Pregnant, nursing, or former mother cats also have a higher chance of developing health issues, such as mastitis).

And that's just breaking the surface of the reasons you should have your cat spayed. What about cat overpopulation, which is already a problem? Why do you feel the need to bring more cats into the world when there are already so many cats without homes? You've already found 2 cats that were just wandering around without homes, why would you want to add to that problem? You may THINK you can find all the kittens homes, but take it from someone that is already trying to find 7 kittens homes (yup, I rescued a mom with 7 kittens, that's a lot). It is HARD to get people to take cats when they can already find them on the street or get them free from who knows where. And even if you DO find them homes, how can you guarantee that the new owners will either get their kittens spayed/neutered or find all THOSE kittens homes with people that will do the same? It's nearly impossible.

And as for the financial aspect of actually raising a litter of kittens and caring for their mom properly, it is very high. The mom needs her vaccinations and a health checkup (which I hope you will do anyway). Then the mom will need to be fed a high quality diet of CANNED food (dry food will NOT suffice in sustaining a pregnant cat and her kittens). She will net vet checkups to make sure the kittens are developing properly and that she is healthy. You will need to oversee the birth and be prepared to rush her to the vet if there are complications (and this is if you hopefully recognize when there are problems, because many people do not). AFTER the birth the kittens and mom will need to be overseen by a vet.
If the mom chooses not to nurse the kittens, or has too many to care for, you will need to feed milk supplement (NOT cows milk) yourself, and do it properly. You will need to weigh the kittens and make sure they are growing properly and feed accordingly.
You will need to keep the kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old and on solid food. You will need to see to litter training and changes litter and feeding and watering the mom and however many kittens she has.
The kittens will NEED to be played with constantly and socialized with people (how will you rehome them if they are not comfortable around people?). They will need to be at the least vaccinated before being rehomed, and preferrably spayed and neutered (like I said, how can you guarantee whoever gets the cats will not breed them and give the babies to random people?).

If you want to be responsible , those are a few things that you should think about and know. And these are by all means not ALL OF THE THINGS that you should know. Many of us have knowledge that has come from years of personal experience and research. I've rescued and raised many kittens and moms, and I would never CHOOSE to breed a female cat.

Heck if you REALLY want an experience, do you have any shelters around there? Why not volunteer and see all the animals that didn't find homes? Do you have any idea how many animals are put to sleep because someone had the idea that they should be bred, or just didn't care? Do you have any idea what it's like to have to see an animal go to sleep forever because there was no one available to give it a home? Because I have a feeling if you did you would NOT choose to breed your cat.

May 18th, 2010, 01:42 PM
Thanks catlover :thumbs up.

I didn't realize my post was so long though :laughing:. I did a lot of typing on that one.

doggy lover
May 18th, 2010, 02:11 PM
beautifully said, please spay and neuter your pets......