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2 New Housemates, a Boxer and Labrador

May 16th, 2010, 07:52 PM
Hey everyone how's it going?

It's only been a short while, but i thought Id find try and find some help straight off the bat!

Basically myself and 3 other mates have just moved into a new "share" style house with a large backyard, i have brought my 5 year old pure bred male Boxer (de-sexed) , and another has brought her 1.5 year old female chocolate Labrador (de-sexed).

Both have been introduced to the house at the same time, the dogs have 2 of everything (2 kennels, beds, water buckets, etc etc)

Both were introduced to each other by going for a walk first - as recommended

Both are non aggressive, incredibly friendly and playful in nature, both well fed and looked after

The problem that we are experiencing is that they wont stop playing in front of us. When we leave their area they are completely quiet and just casually wonder around (with the exception of the boxer whinging occasionally), but the second anyone comes down to their area they start viciously playing ( 90% of the time its the boxer instigating the play)

The play mainly consists of the boxer using his arms and feet to step of the lab, semi-tackling, mounting, or even just standing ontop of/over, also lots of running around. Lots of "aggressive" style noises (from the boxer) but no biting. The noises are very concerning!

The boxer usually loves food more than anything, but he has ignored 2 meals because he has been fixated on the lab. The lab has no problem with eating

another example is that when i went down to feed them this morning, i walk into their sleeping area and both were quite tame for about 3 seconds, then excitement built, both were shuffling for attention, another 10 seconds past then the boxer would start small play, then another 10 seconds later its straight to full on play nonstop with each other. Once again, no biting but lots of tackling

We want to be able to play with the dogs but with this frequency of play between the 2 makes it impossible..

any help/direction/guidance/tips would be hugely appreciated as its pretty concerning and highly stressful as we'd love to be able to play with both and have a peaceful place happening..

Cheers :-)

May 21st, 2010, 10:17 AM
I would just teach them where playing is appropriate. I've got two female dogs (spayed) and they are sent outside right away if they get too excited. However, they only usually play vigourously if they haven't been given a proper walk.

How much walking time do the dogs get?

I would suggest increasing the exercise they are getting now and see if the extra energy burn helps them calm down in the house.