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this now is not a cat or dog ballgame, its a bird ballgame NEED HELP

May 16th, 2010, 01:26 PM
so today i go to chill with Kiko and it jumps on my shoulder and looks up. ofcourse im just happy it used our mutual trust as leverage to get a better view for its interest.
anyhow, im looking up and i go "ooh, i get why, hehe." there was those small smart birds that chirp. they were on the the wall of our neighbours house... wow im getting de ja vu again.

anyhow, as thats going on, i look towards my left, and at the bottom of the wall i see a bird. very similar to the small ones kiko jumped on my shoulder to look at.
i seen it hop abit, and then stop. since at work some of them manage to come down near where we sit, and they fly next to us to grub on whatever it is they want. knowing this, i figured, it was one of those brave ones. so i brushed it off. then i remembered, i had a cat with me. so i thought, this would be a good chance to see if it can catch the bird. now i dont know how people here feel about this, but i THOUGHT the bird was 100%. i figured it would stalk and it and the bird would fly away.

but, even if it was 100%, and i didnt intervine, and it did catch it, its all fair, its the circle of life the way i see it. unless... it was injured and i got it into a pinch by makin my cat see it, which wasnt my intention.

now im trying to turn kikos head to look at it (thinking the bird was 100%), but kiko is just bitting my hand. so i go near it, and i notice the bird stays as still as a rock, and i thought "huh... this is an interesting one. why isnt it moving?" i've seen injured birds before, so if it hopped away, i would have thought it was injured, but i figured, since it DIDNT look like any of those other birds, i thought it might have a different way of dealing with things. so i take a little stick and i poke touched it to see if it would fly away ( i used a stick so that it wouldnt attack me). i wanted kiko to see it. remember, i thought it would fly away before anything happened. it didnt. kiko seen it and before i knew it, it caught it and ran away. it chirped like crazy too when it caught it. right then and there i felt so awful. cause i realised, i may have just costed an injured bird its life. so i quickly get kiko off, and the bird is still ok. i put kiko in its room and shut the door.

i gave the bird water, and it drank some. this bird is no longer than my finger, doesnt even take up half of my palm, i dont know what they're called in english, but you get the idea. anyhow, i take one of my shirts, and put them in a box, i placed the bird carefully in the box, and put it on a high ledge with water.

i continued to clean her room, and i kept hearing birds of its same kind, and birds that looked different, but relatively the same size comming and chirping in this weird alerting way.

it wasnt sunny so i left the box opened so the other birds could come and check it out, and calm the poor little thing down.

i will openly say, this was indeed a "guy" thing. you know, the same "guy" thing that makes you cheer for the cheeta when its after the antalope. i honestly thought it would fly away, i feel terrible.

anyhow, i need info on how to rescue this things life. im glad kiko took it to play with it first and didnt scar it.

May 16th, 2010, 01:35 PM
OK don't need another problem in your life, right? The rule of wildlife rehabilitation is "do not try to rescue a baby bird". So put it back outside in a safe place off the ground. It probably fell out of a nest somewhere....if the parents are chirping because of its squealing, they will deal with it. Parents of baby birds will feed it, so don't believe that old wives tale that if you touch it the parents will ignore it. This is something I learned from a wildlife rehabilitator when I went to an "open house" for volunteers a month ago. Don't keep it in a box & try to feed it, it will only die.

May 16th, 2010, 01:51 PM
no, your right i dont need another one. it was a very idiotic mistake on my behalf.

i only covered the box so that it does die from the heat. its really two boxes, with a 4 inch gap on both sides of it.

i think that explains why a HUGE dove came on the ledge and wouldnt go away. i stood next to the dove, like 4-5 feet and it wouldnt even budge. i took the box with the bird and put it on the ledge 2 feet away from the dove, and still, it wouldnt even move. i dont know. my mom says behind our window upstairs theres a pigeon that she hears all day. so i guess it fell a 2 story fall. thats amazing.

May 16th, 2010, 03:23 PM
I wouldn't even put baby pigeon in a box....just near somewhere in a shady spot up off the ground if you can find a space somewhere. The box may spook the pigeon from going near it, especially if it can't see its chick.

Oh, and by the way, baby pigeons are fed a special "pigeon milk" that parents make themselves and regurgitate it into baby's mouth. They are unique birds in that way, though some parrots feed their young that way too apparently.

May 16th, 2010, 04:16 PM
Aww SSS,sorry about this new development,it is heartbreaking not to be able to save a baby-bird:(
They are totally defenseless and although the parents will feed it,it most likely will fall into the paws of a hungry cat or other creature.
I love birds and have several Pigeons coming to my feeders,together with all kinds of other birds.
Unless you know where the nest is and can out him back,I think his fate is sealed:(

May 16th, 2010, 06:38 PM
If your cat caught it and had it in its mouth you should look for puncture wounds. If there is any part of the skin that is torn, then the bird will die...a catís saliva carries various bacteria and viruses that can easily be transmitted to prey.

May 17th, 2010, 08:06 AM
came back home today. to find the bird NOT in the box.

just dissapeared.

so i go upstairs, and my mom said she checked on it and it was dead. so she got the maid to put it away.

i feel partly to blame for this, because i think it could have had a better chance had i not pointed it out to kiko.

anyhow, this is a lesson to learn from. thanks for all the help.

btw, the beautiful dove i was talking about has a nest in our house somewhere on the outside of our windows.
its so big you'd think it was an eagle almost.

here are some pics of the baby and the mother/father:

this one is the first i took, its quite a big pigeon as you can see

this is after my brother (idiotically) scared it with the cat to see what would happen. i told him not to, and when i came outside i got so mad, and i looked up to see this:
and this is the little baby:

May 17th, 2010, 09:53 AM
Poor little guy :rip:, probably pushed or fell out of the nest. Don't know about doves there, but our Mourning Doves build a loose sloppy nest in our spruce tress and often babies fall out. Kiko may have punctured it with her teeth or claws, or it may have sustained injuries in its fall, so didn't have much of a chance. A sad lesson learned all around. Beautiful dove though. Most pigeons and some doves breed year round---at least in Canada they do, so probably will be many more babies.

Seems every spring I'm picking up a baby robin that can't fly off the lawn that either fell or was pushed out of the nest. I always put them up in a tree where our neighbour's outdoor cats can't get them, the parents continue to feed baby and in a few days they have grown enough feathers to fly a bit. Few babies are truly abandoned unless you are sure the parents have been killed or are not feeding the babies. So if you find a baby bunny or deer hiding out motionless, don't assume it has been abandoned. Mom rabbit only feeds her young in the morning and evening and spends the rest of the day away from the nest, feeding herself. This is a protection for the babies, so as not to draw attention to them.

May 17th, 2010, 10:36 AM
yes, i doubt it was trying to fly, or i should say, i cant imagine it was flying. so my guess is that it was either pushed off the edge or it fell, because it was in our courtyard afterall.

May 17th, 2010, 01:47 PM
Probably dropped like a stone, as it's "flight feathers" on wings not developed enough for flight.