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Transition from inside toileting to outside

May 7th, 2010, 06:14 AM
Lola is now 5 months old and up until now we have used pee pads (which she uses when she feels like and rugs/carpet when she doesn't!!) mostly because we don't have a fenced yard, very open plan with all the neighbours!

We are having a fence put up this week and I now plan to have lola trained to go to the bathroom outside.

Any good tips on transitioning her?

I have actually tried the umbilical technique and when it looked like she needed to go I would take her outside but she will hold onto it until we get back in then immediately pee on the floor!! I can't spend all day outside as I have two young children that require a lot of attention also and work 4 days a week.

I am worried that when we have the fence and I see the sign and 'put' her out I won't know if she peed or not then she could come back in and use the floor again. I have bought doggy bells ready.