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Any way to slow tooth decay aside from cleaning?

May 3rd, 2010, 03:11 PM
So, based on info from this site (coupled with Oscar's asthma issues), I switched my cats to an all wet food diet over a year ago. Their coats are healthier and their weight is healthier but their teeth!!! Oh the horror of their teeth! :eek::yuck:

I'm about to pay about $700 to have a bunch of Gus's teeth pulled and I'm pretty sure that Storm will have to have some pulled as well.

All of my cats are old and set in their ways and getting them to accept anything like me cleaning their teeth is so not gonna happen. Do those tartar control treats work? How often should I use them? Any suggestions?

May 3rd, 2010, 04:36 PM
rjesak,I really don't think feeding canned makes their teeth bad,my Rocky(14yrs old)and Chico(13yrs old) have never had any dental-problems,while my Vinnie at 8yrs old,had ONE tooth pulled for almost $800 and will probably have more dental-work in the future:yell:
Mine are completely off dry food,except for treats,but I somehow doubt the tartar-control treats work,but I guve some to my boys ever now and then.
Oh and brushing,a total disaster with my cats,no way:frustrated:

May 3rd, 2010, 06:24 PM
On the advice of my Vet I used this ( for years. I can't vouch for it as my dog is the one who used it for most of her life, not my cats. It is for both. My dog had wonderfully white teeth all her 14.5 years and they never needed cleaning. Maybe she just had good teeth. None of my cats have been on it for as significant a portion of their lives (because they live/lived longer than the dog) but their teeth are pretty darn good too. I have stopped using this because of concern about the chemicals in it and I have to say, the cats' teeth are building up tartar now, but again maybe it's because they are older. There are similar products that claim not to contain harmful ingredients. I don't use any others, I just got leery of the whole thing.

May 4th, 2010, 07:55 AM
I just had a feeling those tartar control treats were a scam. :rolleyes:

Maybe cats are like people in that respect - some have better teeth than others. It's just so expensive to get them taken care of :frustrated: but with the whole heart disease thing, you just have to don't you? :confused: Plus, I would think it must hurt them although Gus doesn't seem the least put out by his teeth - he drools a bit but he always has so I don't think it's related to the bad teeth.

It's just that, at $800 per cat, this tooth thing is getting to be an issue.

I'm so with you Chico2 - no way am I trying to brush. Maybe if you get them when they're itty-bitty and do it every day, but with an adult cat (who have all their claws in tact)... Um, not happening - I value my life too much - not to mention my skin and flesh. :eek: