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Adoption week at Petsmart

May 1st, 2010, 08:43 AM
Went to Petsmart last night to get food. And expected to see only cats in the windows where you can adopt. Walked in and there were cat playpens set up with 2 cats/pen. TAS were the reps so does that stand for Toronto Animal Society? Oh, and there was a Milo doggy there too!

They were all so adorable!! It was jarring to see a cat that looks exactly like Gizzy in a pen that would actually rub up against you! Wanting to be adopted! Broke my heart that I couldn't take them all home with me. :(

Then BF dragged me away to figure out which flavour of food we were gonna get, and found more kitties in the usual spot where they have cats to look at in their cubby holes! 3 kittens in one (2 black one grey with white feet) :lovestruck::lovestruck: I love kittens! Can you tell?? :laughing: Then I saw another Gizzy look-a-like in the top corner, looked curious of what I was holding but still scared. :( Poor kitty!

Then I looked down and there were 3 more pens against the wall. The one pen had 2 cats that looked almost identical to Forest and Gizzy!! The Gizzy look-a-like (#2? #3?) was cowering in the litter box (a lady was trying to talk to them and calm them down), very skittish like my Gizzy :( and the Forest look-a-like (no hitler nose like Forest has) didn't want anything to do with the lady, complete opposite of our Forest who is very laid-back and loves new ppl. They must have come from a very bad home :( :cry: I know all cats have different personalities, it is just very different to see the same patterned coats with opposite personalities. :(

I think this experience makes me want to either volunteer or become the next 14+ kitties member. Or maybe both! :o :pawprint: I want to go back today! :cat:

May 1st, 2010, 05:50 PM
TAS is Toronto Animal Services dollface they handle animal control for the City.

Good idea on volunteering at a shelter or rescue, if cats are your calling, they cherish the time that someone spends loving them up or playing with them. As a rule shelter workers have so much to do, it leaves little time to socialize with the animals.

May 2nd, 2010, 10:40 AM
Thanks for the clarification Chris21711 and the advice! I'm a part-time student til September so it's worth a thought. We'll see! :)