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Charlie going pee in his cage

September 3rd, 2004, 01:32 PM
Charlie is now 15 weeks old! (he is getting so big!) and he is going pee in his cage during the day.

He gets up eats and goes to the bathroom, gets his walk and goes back out for a bit.

Then he is in house for about 4 hours and then my mom or the neighbour comes over and lets him out for about 15-30 minutes. Then he is in there for another 3 hours.

But lately he has been going pee in his house. During the night he has been sleeping right through so no accidents, and in the evenings he doesn't go pee more than usual.

Do you think that maybe he is getting too much water in the morning and then he can't hold it? Or something else? Acting out because he is in there?

Any words of wisdom?

September 3rd, 2004, 01:41 PM
I heard pups that are still training need only enough room in their crate to turn around and lie down. Any extra room would be a place to pee and then they go to the other end to sleep so they don't have to sleep in it. Normally they will not go where they sleep. How much room does he have?

September 3rd, 2004, 01:44 PM
His cage is a medium dog size. There isn't an option to divide it (I know that some cages come with this) and I don't want to put a piece of wood in there because he will chew it and maybe get splinters?

September 3rd, 2004, 01:51 PM
My sister used a cardboard box to separate her pups crate... although it was a very tiny puppy and not very strong.. maybe someone has an idea, or something they've used?

September 3rd, 2004, 01:52 PM
Puppies still have developing organs, and will need to go to the bathroom much more frequently than an adult dog. If your puppy is only 15 weeks old, 3 or 4 hours is probably a bit too long for to hold it in.

It's very similar to child bed-wetting. Organs develop faster in some young ones than they do in others.

The downside to this is that he could develop pattern behaviour and housebreaking him will become difficult.

September 3rd, 2004, 02:07 PM
He holds it for 8 hours a night, and even last night he went 7 hours, and that was with drinking a bunch of water after our walk that was a little later than usual.

He has just started this in the last 2 weeks, for the first 3 weeks that we had him there was no problem. I don't know, he always has some water with his food in the morning, I would hate to take it away because I don't want him to get dehydrated.

September 3rd, 2004, 02:14 PM
If he goes all night without going then I would say divide the crate with something... I just don't know what. If you would use wood, you could always cover it in something... but it should take up the whole space, that's why a box worked for my sister, even if he pushed on it, it didn't move because it wasn't flat and it was up against the back of the crate.

September 3rd, 2004, 02:27 PM
He would just chew the cardboard. I will have to take a look at it and see what I can do.

September 4th, 2004, 01:24 AM
Also remember that at night, he's probably sleeping because all is quiet, and you are sleeping. He's also not active, drinking water, etc.

If he's getting through the night without wetting, that's a good sign.