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Does anyone feed duck?

Gail P
April 22nd, 2010, 10:04 PM
I'm talking about actual duck meat, not kibble with duck as a meat source. If you do, do you feed it raw, or cooked and if cooked how do you prepare it (I have never in my life cooked duck, I can only assume it would be roasted like a chicken if it's whole)

I have a few ducks that do double duty as pets and for herding practice, but they are laying eggs. And eggs, and eggs and eggs. LOTS of eggs. A friend of mine has already taken some to incubate, and I'm thinking of incubating some myself to raise duck for the dogs to eat. I do already raise meat chickens and turkeys, for our own consumption and to sell a few, so I'm starting to think, why not ducks? If I find there is a market for them I could maybe sell some, and put a bunch in the freezer too. In the winter I like to have meat for the dogs when I'm working them, sometimes it's just some leftovers and trimmings from our own meals, sometimes I cook up some chicken just for them and I like to make them broth too. Because they work outside in cold weather the fattier the better, they use the fat as an energy source and they don't get fat from it because they are working and burning it off. Waterfowl I believe should be a fattier/greasier type of poultry so it might be a good choice to use for them. Since the ducks like to free range they are pretty easy to keep they would not be a big drain on the feed bill, I could raise them pretty inexpensively and I'd just have to pay for having them processed. Just thinking, as the eggs keep accumulating. I could just collect the eggs daily and feed the eggs to the dogs (I don't like duck eggs scrambled etc., although I don't notice a difference from chicken eggs for baking). Right now there are close to 4 dozen duck eggs in my coop that could be set, I've been leaving them there in case the ducks decided to set them but so far they haven't. They just keep laying them and they bury them in the shavings to keep the temperature right. Sometimes they move them around and expose them, other times most are buried. A couple of weeks ago my friend took close to 4 dozen to incubate and now I'm thinking of doing the same.

April 23rd, 2010, 07:46 AM
If you're looking for a higher fat content for the dogs, duck or goose would be the choice for sure. It's all dark meat, no white meat breasts, all dark. I love duck but don't cook it often as it's expensive. I see nothing wrong with feeding the dogs raw or cooked duck and since you can raise it yourself, doesn't get much better than that.


April 23rd, 2010, 02:35 PM
I agree with clm, it certainly is ideal if you are raising the duck yourself and know exactly where the meat is coming from. :)

Gail P, I feed raw duck but my situation is a little different than yours. Duck around here is too expensive to purchase locally (& I don't have the set up to raise them myself), so I buy it from Urban Carnivore. Comes in 8 ounce patties (includes the bones and organs). I feed it raw, just like any other meat I give. My dogs really like it, I feed it quite regularly to my dog with food allergies.

Best of luck! :thumbs up