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Fish Allergy?

April 22nd, 2010, 01:10 AM
Well three weeks ago I put Lincoln on strictly RAW. I started out the first week nothing but chicken. He was starting to itch less and less and less. His skin was looking good....felt great. I knew he had a food allergy as he constantly head shook, chewed at himself, was year round etc etc. I had tried him on a few different brands of dog food over the last 6 months. I started noticing these issues when he was on Kirklands Chicken and rice. He was on this and Orijen for the first 1.5 years of his life. Both had his suspected ingredients allergy in them. Both were chicken formula. So I decided to switch him to another food because I noticed his coat quality sucked, he stunk and was starting to itch.

I put him on a store brand here (good quality) called Maxim. I tried him on the fish formula with no luck, put him on the chicken formula no luck. Then tried Pro Plan Salmon and Rice..then Turkey and Barley (He broke out here). Then Performatrin Ultra Lamb and Brown Rice. I fed each of these foods for 6-10 weeks.

So then I decided I had enough, convinced myself to put him on RAW. he was doing GREAT and improving daily, until.......I added salmon oil. This just hit me tonight as I looked at his rashes on his back. I always blamed chicken and Corn. I always wondered why he never improved even when I eliminated the suspected allergen. I never realized that some form of Fish meal, Fish oil, Salmon Oil, Salmon meal or menhaden fish meal was in ALL the foods I had him on. Some form of fish.

I wonder could I have nailed the allergin? On raw he was clearing up and doing wonderful itching less. After being on the high quality pet store salmon oil he started slowly getting worse and worse with the itching, rashes and head shaking. The rashes arent there all the time, they do come and go away...also I check his skin over at night before I go to bed and when i get up and I notice the rashes are almost gone when I get up and re appear at night after the salmon oil is included in his evening meal. I never thought of it, all his foods he was on if fish wasnt the main ingredient it was somewhere on the list. On some foods he improved only a tad bit but on those foods the form of fish was way down the list rather than in the first 7.

Now I thought maybe the brush I was using irratated his skin but I will stop brushing him and stop using the salmon oil. If I see improvements...hes allergic to fish.

What do you all think about this? Think I finally nailed it? Also may I add that when the salmon oil was introduced he was still on strictly chicken. So I dont think hes allergic to chicken, beef, turkey or pork....I think fish is my culprit.

Now...that im stopping the salmon oil what could I use to supplement the Omega 3 and 6? Could I use Organic Coconut Oil the stuff I grabbed at the health food store?

April 22nd, 2010, 04:04 PM
k9, I feel your pain. My male has had allergies his whole life and just a few weeks ago I bit the dust and had an allergy panel done to find out once and for all what he is allergic to.

It sure seems as if fish is the allergen. Most food allergies, a dog will have an allergic reaction to almost instantly after ingesting, so in your case it makes sense its the fish. They certainly can be allergic to fish, so it's a possibility.

It's odd he is not allergic to poultry or beef... most dogs develop food allergies to an ingredient that is widely used in pet food and that they consume most of their life (i.e. chicken/beef).

I wonder if he has more allergies? Is it possible he has environmental allergies as well? When I had Furby's allergy panel done he is allergic to beef, chicken and rice (which is odd) but is allergic to another ten or so environmental allergens (ragweed, fescue, timothy hay etc.) I'm not sure how common it is for a dog to be allergic to just ONE allergen... but I'm not really sure. My guy is allergic to about 13 different things (food/enviro combined) but maybe he is just a freak of nature LOL.

I think some members here use flaxseed as a source of omega's... I will look into it and get back to you.