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natural relief for constipation in cats

April 15th, 2010, 08:21 AM
Two years ago, my cat, Murphy had some teeth removed...since then, with his dry food (which he is unwilling to give up:) he has been more constipated. This was due to him swallowing his food whole, vs. chewing, which is now difficult.

Murphy has a friend, and I used to let them free-feed, but now feed them separately.

I switched him to wet food. However, he would sneak to Bunny's food this resulted in constipation and three trips to the vet for enema's. This is not pleasant for a cat as they cannot always sedate vet, suggested some extremely expensive wet, fiber food...but Murp did not like it...gee, what's new in a cat, right? :) In the end, he maintained that I increase his fiber...I had "megacolon" on my mind...yikes!

I work at a health food store and fiber is what we do...I brought home some flax seed meal and slippery elm bark powder. I read some other threads and saw that slippery elm bark was mentioned..slippery elm is a good lubricator, but I have found through my very long, tedious, fiber process with Murp that flax is better. It's not only a great fiber and protein source, but it also contains the mucilagic properties that slippery elm provides, but more bulk.

I mix whatever I can get into his wet food...he eats it up...and we haven't had a problem since:) His stools used to be really hard and wide and they looked like they had been double-backed on itself...I can see why this would be hard to come out :( You can add the slippery elm bark powder(it won't hurt). I would mix this with some water and had it in a dropper bottle to add to his food, but we are having success with just the flax. Chia seed meal would also be a great alternative. Again, these are natural things, to be honest, I have never tried any of the chemical products and know nothing of their success. Just remember, these things, especially the slippery elm powder can get really thick and slimy when only a little water is mixed in, this is normal. I really hope this helps.

April 15th, 2010, 11:29 PM
Glad to hear your cat is getting some relief :) One must remember as you mention that sufficient water be added to these products, and more is not always better as it can have the opposite effect - you should always consult your vet before adding any new things to your cats diet :)