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Auto-immune disorder?

April 14th, 2010, 06:24 PM
My brother girlfriend has two cats. She was watching a female cat for somebody, and they ended up never coming back for the cat or contacting melissa. Anyways, since she got this cat (I suppose its close to a year now shes had her) She decided to adopt her a friend from the spca. Thats where Bailey comes in.. He was only a kitten when she adopted him and Really, still is.

He started peeing on the floor a few weeks ago, she just figured it was because she was working out of town on a case (shes a social worker).. My brother was stopping in to feed them and stuff. But it continued when she was back home for a while so I suggested she bring him to the vet, because its not really normal for a cat that is normally 100% reliable in the litter box to just stop using it.

So hes been diagnosed with auto immune disorder... I have no idea what it is, but apparently his feet are swollen and the vet thinks that his insides are most likely swollen too..So Im going to take a 'wild' guess and say he's in pain.

The vet has him taking some sort of steroid once a week.. And its a bit costly, at 100 dollars a month, but she will continue to do it.

So , can anybody give us some information on it. She didnt really get much out of the vet. Actually, she barely got anything out of the vet because she was pretty much shocked that her kitten could be sick lke that:(

will these steroids have to be taken for the rest of his life do you think? Is that the norm? .. Is there really anything else that can be done.. Any information you could give, or if you could share a personal experiance about this I would be greatful. I honestly have no idea what it is. :shrug:

April 14th, 2010, 06:28 PM
BM so sad! but really hard to tell what it is? Did the vet give it a name? Seems to be pretty expensive for a monthly presc??

April 14th, 2010, 06:36 PM
BM so sad! but really hard to tell what it is? Did the vet give it a name? Seems to be pretty expensive for a monthly presc??

I honestly am not sure , melissa never mentioned if the vet gave it a certain name or not. :o I really dont have any idea what it is supposed to be/do anyways:o So I didnt realize there was different kinds :shrug:

I feel bad for the little guy.. :( He just a baby.

April 14th, 2010, 07:02 PM
Oh, that is so sad! Petey was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder as well, although his seems to be going back into remission now after about three weeks. From the very little that I know so far, there are hundreds of different autoimmune disorders and they can't always pinpoint which one. Even after $1000 worth of variious tests for Petey, they still don't know which one. His was confirmed via biopsies that showed the basal skin layer was dying. If he had the swelling, they would have done a tap as well to confirm diagnosis.
Autoimmune is where the body basically turns on itself and instead of fighting off the bad bacteria and bad diseases, it also fights the good stuff the body needs. So it often presents as skin sores and lesions and joint pain and swelling. I have not heard of having accidents as being a sign of it, but it could be different for cats. I'd be curious to know how the vet diagnosed it in just one quick visit like that. It took them several visits and several tests to confirm it in Petey, full blood panel and thyroid test and ANA test being the very basic testing that should be done and for official diagnosis, biopsies and/or taps.
I was also told that with this disease it can bahave in two different ways. It can be chronic and never go away and have to be treated with steriods and immune suppression drugs (which are hard on the body long term) or it can more mild with just occasional flare-ups usually triggered by stress or allergy and treated with antibiotics and possibly steroids as needed until it goes away again. They think Petey's was triggered by the unusually high allergy count this spring and luckily his is going into remission now. It will come and go for the rest of his life. Hopefully someone here will have more info for you in how it relates to cats.