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Puppy doesn't like to share

April 13th, 2010, 01:10 PM
Hey all,

I've started to notice a bad thing with our 6 month old border collie girl...She won't share toys or sticks! Or even WATER! When we go out with a friend, golden retriever pup Luna will automatically grab a stick to go play with the dog, she picks it up and trots over to the dog and goes "play with me", and starts teasing the poor dog, then Luna will drop the stick and the dog will come over to get it and Luna gets super aggressive! She's growls and snaps and she will scrap over it, it has happened walking through a field.

She will go and seek out toys from a dog that may be playing with it's own and she'll steal it and become aggressive when the dog tries to pull it away from Luna's mouth.

The worst was we were at my sisters house and my sister has a 4 lb yorkie which loves Luna, Luna grabbed these toy chipmunks and was trotting around the house happily then she dropped them near me, cause I had food and the yorkie went to pick one up and Luna growled and snapped, almost getting the yorkie. Now the yorkie has been traumatized before by a huge dog eating him, yes the dog picked the yorkie up and shook him like a toy. I don't want him to be afraid of Luna cause she LOVES the yorkie and she's such a sweetie.

Now she's NOT protective over anything at home with our cats, my cat can stick it's paw in her food bowl and she could care less, she shares, same with toys our cat will walk up to her playing and she likes it.

How do I stop this protectiveness over objects and even water!!!! She can't share a water bowl even with her buddies!

April 22nd, 2010, 04:55 PM
Does she protect things from you? I am thinking it is mostly with other dogs.

So you need to teach her to 'play well with others' and share.

You will need to get a friends dog to help you with this - the Yorkie might be a good choice. Put the leash on and have a toy with you. Ask her to 'sit - stay' to your side and put the Yorkie into a 'sit-stay' on your other side. Ask the Yorkie to play with the toy for just a few seconds and then have her 'drop it'. Then offer the toy to your dog and invite her to play. Ask her to 'drop it' and praise her for doing so. Go back and forth between the dogs and try to get them a little closer to each other as they are successful. If your dog shows the slightest thought of getting snarky you are going to stop her with the leash and give her a firm correction with your word like "easy" as you lean into her face just enough to let her know you are talking to her. When she looks away from the other dog and at you, you can straighten up releasing the pressure.

When you use the leash to stop her mean thought you must be sure to release the pressure. It is enough to stop her but not hold her back. If you keep pressure on the collar to hold her back then she is not choosing to be good you are simply strong enough to hold her back. So you must stop her then go back to loose leash. You might have to stop her a few times but you always have to go back to loose leash. If she gets really bad then you back her away from the other dog (claiming the Yorkie as yours) and stomp towards her a few steps until you see her look up at you and pay attention. It might only be a step or two but she needs to take her focus away from the Yorkie and put it on you.

You need to recreate this situation until she gets it - you can't end on failure. Every time she snarks at another dog and she wins she learns it works and it will become her response to more and more situations as she gets empowered.

Then as she get better and learns to back off then you can try to work by just using your voice and not the leash. As she gets good at that then you need to create situations where she can practice her good manners and you are going to be further and further from the situation so that she doesn't require that you are on top of her for her to make a good choice.
Hope that helps.

May 5th, 2010, 11:05 PM
Glad to say she's getting MUCH better, it's rare that she does it anymore. I think it was maybe a puppy thing...????? Certain dogs will provoke it but most wont.

I haven't tried it with the yorkie though, that dog has been ate by a st bernard/pit bull before and I don't want to scare it anymore. And when I say ATE, the dog tried to EAT the yorkie, it was HORRID, it pierced the yorkie's ribs with it's canines. :(