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Really upset

April 7th, 2010, 05:52 PM
I just came back from visiting caseys owners.

And they told me that they may be getting another dog. :eek:
A 2 year old dog that looks JUST like casey. Fixed, UTD on shots been obedience classes etc etc.

The dog belongs to Lori's sisters brother in law. And IF they get the dog it will be flown from alberta to NFLD..

And for some reason I am VERY upset. I think they regret the way they took care of casey and i have no doubt in my mind this dog will be better off then her. But i dunno. I think Im upset just because its like they are pouring salt over some very fresh, very open, veeerrry deep wounds.

I miss her. And I know that when they get this dog, IF they get this dog, I WILL be spending time with it. I'll treat it good. But im terrified i will get attached.
I started walking a few neighbor hood dogs , but I'm not attached to them. When I take them they get more excited to see keely then me. We dont have a bond Whatsoever. And im not sure if Im capable of bonding with them. I dont know if I just don't like the dogs or if im blocking them out and not letting myself bond with them. But I just don't care a whole lot about them (and that sounds terrible, I know)

I dont want to get close, and attached to another dog, because it hurts. I will never have what I had with casey with another dog. Not even with keely. I love them Both but casey and I had something special.

So all in all. I miss that goofy little sook. And Im mad at the world for taking her from me.