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2 year old dog training

September 2nd, 2004, 09:00 AM
I'm at a loss, though I'm planning a vet visit as soon as I can.
My Problem:
I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who has a 2 year old min. pin. We've introduced her to me moving in by me being there on the weekends.
But she has been so poorly trained I'm at a loss for what to do. Before I moved in she would be at his mom's house during the week and his house on the weekends because he works full time and goes to school. Now that I'm there we are trying to keep her down at the house.

The first week we left her run the house like she would on the weekends, but she would not go the bathroom on the puppy pads she was trained to use while people are away.

The second week we tried to lock her in a room during the day, with enough space to roam but without her causing too much damage. I was wrong, she has holes almost through the french doors and rips up anything she can get and pee anywhere but the pads. Plus she was showing classic signs of anxiety.

So now, she's at his mom's house, which I would like to stop so she becomes more dependent on us and is better trained.

But she's 2 years old, and he thinks crate training her would kill her.
I want what is best for the dog, so if it's better for her to stay with him mom permantly then we will deal. But if there is a solution where we can train her, i'd love to hear it.

I work 10 hours a day and he usually is opposite schedule as me, so most of the time she is only left alone for maybe 4 hours. but two days a week it may be as long as 10 hours by herself....which i know people do with dogs and it's only for 5 weeks that way

People adopt older dogs all the do they deal with this.
It doesn't help that she's an overweight(thanx to his mom's table scraps...but we won't go there) minature pincher who was the runt of her litter.

Lucky Rescue
September 2nd, 2004, 12:14 PM
This dog is untrained and has had no consistancy in her life, which is making her very anxious. Min Pins can be willful, stubborn and often difficult to housetrain.

Yes, you can crate train her, but a small dog like this might do better in an X-pen.

She needs to be trained to eliminate outdoors only, unless you have no problem with her permanently using pads or a litter box.

10 hours is too long for her to be crated.

I would start by taking her to obedience school, and crate training her. She needs to know where her home is and who her owners are. Obed training helps give dogs confidence and teaches you how to train them.

Here is a link on crate training an adult dog. It's not something that can be rushed.
Crate Training (