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Planning a Finch Aviairy >question

March 27th, 2010, 06:53 AM
Hello to all I'm planning to build a finch aviairy in the future & would like to know if someone can tell me if all of the species of finches are compadable or is their some kinds to avoid?
I plan to make a natural type setting for them & so I have to choose plant species that are non-poisonus to them & make the bottom easy to keep clean.years ago I had an orange wing amazon parrot but after building (dubbed the gorilla cage) a monster cage for it my daughter developped a bird allergy so I had to part company with the bird.I'm not impressed with store bought cages as for the price they offer little movement for the birds.being a tradesman I can build just about anything , so construction is not a problem.
Basicly I want to run the length of the wall & intend to use uv/heat lamps to brighten the place up as well as promote plant growth.

But after I get the display built I don't want to spend the money buying species that could be disruptive to each other.Birds like people don't always get along with each other.
Whats your experiances with the finches?

March 27th, 2010, 07:28 AM
we raised numerous types of finches in one 10 foot X 4 foot (8 feet high) flight cage, and never had any problems with different breeds of finches getting along (I miss their teeteetee calls), as long as you have enough roosts, we used whole tree branches, enough woven nests and nesting material you should have no problem. Good luck.

oh and we had society, zebra even gouldian!! We kept button quails in the aviary to help clean up the extra seeds on the floor.

March 27th, 2010, 09:42 AM
Welcome to the board, Birdbrain! I have no experience with aviaries but I love birds, so I hope you'll be posting pics of your set-up once you start working on it! :D

March 27th, 2010, 10:45 AM
Hi & thanks for the welcome! I plan to take lots of pics as I learned a lot of dos & don't over the years.Birds are fantastic pets as basicly just feed & clean the cage & they do what they do best! Good to know the differant species won't matter as there are so many varieties they can add a lot of color blend.I've seen several types of aviairys set up in half walls with an air purifier.Thats what got me to thinking about doing an entire wall.I can't put them into the room with the home theater for I feel the subwoofer would freak them sound insulation for their room will be needed.All my lights will be on timers to keep them & the plants on a regular schedule.When I built a parrot cage some years back I made the bottom as an entire pull out drawer for cleaning with out disurbing the parrot.His cage was 4' wide 32" deep & 6' tall with a walk in door & drop leaf with a pearch so he could climb out fly around & return to his cage at night.Parrots are demanding for being out so damage can happen if you ignore them.But finches need not to be out & about like the bigger birds like!
Now a days the building materials provide endless choices for what can be done & as long as they don't pose a threat then the skys the limit!
I'm going to build in a working fountain at the floor with a simulated river with drain & filtration system so the water is always replenished & help keep it safe for drinking / bathing etc.Concrete products are too heavy so a fibreglass basin at the bottom covered in with rocks etc & hidden with creeper vines & small trees should do the trick.(maybe a few crickets thrown in for sound effects as well.
I will go the whole 9 yards on this project once it starts.
just in the planning phase for now.Toronto has some amazing suppliers for stuff as well as many exotic pet shops as well!