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He's a DOG, not a SHEEP, dangit!

March 19th, 2010, 09:59 PM
How come all these herdy type dogs keep trying to her poor Scruffy? He's especially upset with this Belgian SHepard who agressivly tries to herd him, blocking him when he chases the ball, even nipping at his neck.
I'm afraid there is going to be blood one of these days - a terrier can only be pushed so far.
Does anyone have any practical suggestions as to how I can defuse this? (It happens at the dog park)
I take Scruffy to the other side, BIG BLACK follows us
I stand there and wait for the owner to collect BIG BLACK, Scruff gets upset and starts going after the dog
BIG BLACK does this to other dogs too, but he will actually run across the park to harass Scruffy, who only wants to play fetch.
I've told the owner that it's a problem for us and upsets my dog. He is starting to try to control the dog (finally!). In the meantime, I am open to suggestions.
Thanks, all!