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Crazy Behaviour

March 13th, 2010, 04:40 AM
I just need to know if this is normal!

about 3 times during the day (one of which is about 30mins after getting up) and one is about 9pm. Lola (14 weeks) goes NUTS!!!

She runs in super fast circles around our large rug and sounds like she is growling as she is doing it, then she jumps on her big stuffed dog and humps him for a few seconds then off she goes running again, and repeats this a few times!!!

Is this a sign of aggression or just a pup playing? :confused:

March 13th, 2010, 04:46 AM
Sounds like the Zoomies to me!

March 13th, 2010, 08:14 AM
I have a 16 year old poodle who still does that on occasion. Zoomie time!! Love it. :D Be glad she's not a large dog!!!!

March 13th, 2010, 08:31 AM
Totally normal--we seldom give our dogs enough exercise for them not to need to expel some energy doing the zoomies--not to worry!

March 13th, 2010, 09:13 AM
Phew thanks for that, I started thinking she was being really aggressive, but YES it is hilarious, the kids just laugh so hard when she is doing it (and while she is humping the puppy toy the kids (3&5) say "look at her bouncing on her puppy mummy" ahhhhh oh to be a kid again!!

March 13th, 2010, 09:21 AM
Oh yeah zoomies for sure! I have a lab that when he was a puppy he would get the zoomies and go up one side of the couch down the other into the dining romm run back to start all over again! OMG it was hilarious buy annoying at times!!

Your right oh to be a kid again!:laughing:

March 13th, 2010, 06:03 PM
ah yes the zoomies!! Be thankful she's small.. Bayley's zoomies included launching herself at me from a full out run..70 lbs of dog!! I learned quick to step out of her way at the last second. She still gets them at 4 but she doesn't launch herself at me anymore!!

March 13th, 2010, 08:30 PM
Yup. That's completely normal for a puppy.

My adult dog STILL does that is at 4 1/2 years old. When it happens I usually throw her out in the back yard for a few minutes so she can run around in circles and not knock things over :laughing: